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Mercedes-Benz G Class New Leaks

Nov 12, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Some new pictures of the exterior of the upcoming Mercedes-Benz G class have been leaked. The AMG model will have 4.0 litre biturbo petrol V8 like the current AMG models,=. The engine will also be of a lower tune.

Mercedes-Benz G Class

The leaked photos show the exterior of the new Mercedes-Benz. The interior of the car has a square design and the overall sense of luxury has improved a lot. There is a large size control screen too. The airconditioning outlet design is more sophisticated. The three-wheel steering wheel has a chrome design.

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At the same time, three differential lock keys are have been designed in the center console, which also shows that a new generation of G-class will maintain the original off-road performance. However, the leaked pictures of the interior signal that this is the suspected low diesel version. The tachometer red line is only 5000 rpm/min. In accordance with the previous statement, Mercedes-Benz will not change a lot appearance-wise, but because of the use of lightweight materials, the quality will improve. Mercedes-Benz may be equipped with a newly developed inline 6-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine, the transmission part of the match 9-speed automatic transmission.


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