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How To Make Your Instagram More Engaging

Mar 25, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Instagram is the most popular photo sharing app. So many people use it daily to browse through pictures and stay upto date. It is a great platform to create awareness about your business. Lots of businesses struggle to make their Instagram profile more engaging. They have few followers, who hardly like or comment any of the post. If your account is like that too, you are losing out. Instagram is a great place to have the attention of your target audience and turn them into loyal customers.

How To Make Your Instagram Account More Interactive

Take high quality pictures

You do not need a DSLR for great pictures just be mindful of lighting. Make sure everything is on focus. A modern smartphone like iPhone or Galaxy is needed for great photos. Great photos are more aesthetically pleasing which gets them more likes.

Be consistent with your filters

Being consistent with your filtering scheme is a great way to grow your Instagram brand. Use same set of filters for your photos. This  helps you keep a consistent visual identity on the Instagram account. It makes your pictures instantly recognizable on the feed of your followers. This way your recognition increases and increase your chances of getting likes.

Share posts on other places

Link your Instagram account to your other spcial media profiels. Share your accounts and the pictires and videos uou post with your fans on other platforms. This will help you get more tragic in your Instagram account. Sharing your blog on your Instagram account is also a great way to get more likes and followers

Use local hashtags

Using local hashtags is a great way to reach potential customers. Find well followed local accounts by doing a  Google search for “top Instagram accounts in [city name]”) and see which hashtags they use for their pictures. Use these hashtags to reach people near your area and get them to like you.instagram

Use popular hashtags

Using the most popular hashtags can be usef when you’re trying to reach a large chunk of Instagram users. Using popular hashtags helps your picture be seen by more people.

Tag a location

Tagging a location in your pictures lets people in your area see your picturs more easily. Tagging general locations will increase the chances that people in that location will see it

Share BTS photos

Social media is a great place to share more personal moments from your business with your followers. This helps you develop your brand personality. It also strengthens your emotional link with customers. Let your followers see behind-the-scenes of your business. Give sneak peeks of upcoming products, show them your employees, and take them on an office tour. This will be very unique and engaging. It will help your fans connect with you on a personal level.

Host giveaways

Who doesn’t love free prices? Host a giveaway where followers have to like your photo. Make sure the picture is captivating and attractive. This will give you more likes and might also increase the number of followers. You can also have a tag and repost giveaway, where you can ask followers to tag a certain number of friends, and repost the competition picture. This will be like mini marketing and help create more awareness about your brand.instagram

Post at the right time

Be sure to post at times when most users are likely to online, otherwise your post will probably go unnoticed. A good time is morning, before people leave for work or school. Another good time is evening, when people get free and are commuting back home. You can also use statigram to find peak hours of usage of your followers.

Make bio interesting

Make sure you set up your Instagram account carefully. Do not be lazy with details like introduction, profile photo, and account name. These things can make or break your Instagram account.

Like relevant pictures

Like many random pictures from accounts in your target audience. Some people have  used this strategy and noticed that for every 100 likes they did of random pictures, they received 6.1 more followers.

Ask Questions

Asking questions in the caption of photos is a great way to have more followers. Questions arise interest and increase engagement.

Use tools

Use tools like Piqora to help you see which types of pictures are leading to the highest engagement. Use more of those type of photos. Use Latergramme for scheduling your Instagram posts. Posting consistently is key important for growing follower count. Combine multiple photos in a grid for increased engagement. Use a tool like PicFrame to combine photos or videos.

Post pictures of things that are blue

Some research has suggested blue ones get 24 per cent more likes than photos of other colors.

Tag people in your pictures whenever relevant

This will ensure those photos show up in the feeds of those users, and chances are they’ll share them.

Market your Instagram profile to your email subscribers

Share an image in your e-mail and link it to your Instagram account.

Post images with quotes

Image quotes on social media are very popular. Use motivational, spiritual, inspirational or humorous quotes on your images using tools like Canva.

Post regularly

It is a good idea to post 1 or 3 pictures daily. But be sure the content is good. Do not go overboard with posting as this may annoy your followers and make them unfollow.

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Instagram is a  great platform to share captivating and mesmerizing with users. Done right, it can get you a lot of followers, and ultimately client. Think about the number of times you were alerted of a brand because of Instagram. Do not post dull and boring pictures which might drive potential customers away. Utilize as many of the tips above and you will your followers count flourish in no time!

Do you have an Instagram account? Which business page do you find the most captivating? Let us know by commenting below!

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