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macOS Has An Embarrassing Bug

Dec 1, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

The recent, rather embarrassing bug in Apple’s operating system MacOS could now at least lead to the fact that the group finally puts its processes in the software sector to the test.This is at least apparent from a statement provided by the company in conjunction with a patch intended to remedy the recently disclosed error.


“We deeply regret this mistake and apologize to all Mac users,” the company said. “Our customers deserve better, so we’re reviewing our development process to develop actions that prevent recurrence.”
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The bug in MacOS has been widespread since Tuesday. The bug caused users to gain root access to the operating system by simply clicking the confirmation button a few times in a password query rather than entering an identifier. To be successful, you not only needed physical access to the respective device but also had to be logged into a user account. If the system then asked for an administrator password when changing the system settings, it was possible to initiate the activation of the root access. An emergency patch has been released within a day.

As such, the bug did not pose any security vulnerability that could have been abused by any criminals on a large scale. First and foremost, Apple should have suffered a damage to the image – because the problem was a rather embarrassing affair. For many connoisseurs of the Mac ecosystem, however, it was also an expression of a development that has been partly criticized for years.

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Again and again, complaints have come up recently that the group is focusing too much on mass-effective products and at the same time quality of the software development suffers. In this respect, one can at least entertain the hope that the incident will shake up the responsible people in the management at least a bit, and that the announced examination of the processes will lead to actual improvements in practice.


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