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M AI Assistant of Facebook Messenger is a little creepy

Apr 7, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Facebook Messenger is getting new updates every now and then. While some of them are quite mundane, some do have great value would enhance the user experience of the App. One such newly added feature is the Facebook Messenger’s AI Assistant. The Assistant who is called just M is basically a chatbot that is aimed at sending useful suggestions to the people chatting. For example if you and your friends are talking about movies, M AI Assistant might pop up to give latest movie recommendations.

It might be useful to some but others might find it plainly tiresome that a chatbot pops up in their private conversation. That is why Facebook has rightly added the mute button for the Chatbot. If you do not want to be disturbed by M, you can simply mute it and its suggestions.

How Does M AI Assistant Work?

As shown in the images released by Facebook, M has a variety of suggestions to give.

Currently the suggestions M can make are in limited categories. Some of them are

  • Sending stickers on your behalf.
  • Sharing your location with others.
  • Calling a ride hailing app like Uber and Lyft
  • Initiating a payment through Messenger

And more.

M AI assistant is not ready for a world wide roll out. It will be available for beta testing to limited users only, before coming to a wider audience.

Google had great many plans regarding AI and would soon be launching many more really cool AI based products. We are hoping they are not a bit creepy like M. M AI assistant is quite creepy because just imagine you having an intimate conversation with your bestie or your partner and a third person popping up and suggesting can I get to a cab. It might take away the feeling of privacy from the messenger chat. All the time you are aware that someone else is also a part of this conversation.

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What do think about M AI Assitant for Facebook Messenger? Share your views by commenting below.

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