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<img src=”http://www.thenextrex.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/11291255_10153975630901040_28540272_n.jpg” alt=”Lost Generation”>

Technological advancement and illimitable communication along with booming gadgets has utterly overridden the ways of communication and interaction of the generation. A revolutionary impact on how young minds interact, socialize and work which at some point is unpropitious. A cloud of technology surrounds them whole day and night and we are growing in a world plugged into a connective network that keeps you updated and informed with happenings around the globe and no previous generation has witnessed such flawless relation of connectivity with he gadgets. The world is at fingertips but what about the relations?? Are we bringing damage with massive improvement in technology??

The relationships are at stake. The behavior is at risk, the peril of losing the beauty of communication. This is what technology and gadgets will and is doing to us. Rather to play a match with a friend/colleague in a sports field teenagers play FIFA games on mobiles. A challenging  problem which has become an addiction. The generation is prone to the disease and is suffering blindly. How to combat such illness is yet unclear. The impact of technology far out weighs the beauty and sense of communication and involvement and to be present not only physically but also mentally. Termed as generation gap and lack of understanding between a parent child relation still this is not gap it is excessive addiction which is destroying the relation and carries a negative impact to the personality.

“The previous generations were only self destructive to a large extent with their drugs and depression but this new generation if not handled with Care and Compassion would wreck havoc in society with their selfish zeal that they have learnt as an acceptable norm from their mediocre previous generation”. – Subbu Iyer


<img src=”http://www.thenextrex.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/11425623_10153975630896040_1210784627_n.jpg” alt=”Lost Generation - Einstein quote ”>

Technological growth is side lining the actual beauty of things which is not appropriate .We now live in an exposed small world with closed minds towards human behavior and reactions. A dumb feeling less generation with well equipped gadgets in its crown. Gadgets provoke conflicts between generations but what is the value of enduring such fame of materialized generation at the expense of losing a loved relation. The influence is huge and hard to confront and fight. Explaining the generation the need of saving the culture and values at the expense of materialistic gadget full environment is difficult. Yet an idea can be floated for those who understand the meaning and essence of it. If this stands out to be the situation, it might result in the arrival of a FROZEN SOCIETY.


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