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Live TV screening service by YouTube

Apr 6, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

YouTube, the authority in video streaming industry, reached another new milestone. It has launched the live TV screening service app. The service has been launched in five major cities of United States, but do not be disappointed. The product is supposed to be rolled out soon in all iOS and Android devices.

Youtube first hinted about the live TV screening service last February. Although at that time it just claimed it to be launching soon. And true to their word, soon enough the service has been launched in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York and Philadelphia.

Here are details about the service as produced by YouTube.

Live TV Streaming Service App

When it comes to video sharing, the name of YouTube automatically pops up in our heads. With YouTube TV finally being live, you can enjoy the channels from four large production houses. The channels that are currently included are ABC, Disney, Sy Fy, ESPN and another 40 more channels. The service will available over six devices, where three can have streaming simultaneously.

YouTube plans to expand the service to include more tv channels as well as covering more area. Most cities of the US would not have to wait much longer, however it is not known when the service goes live in other countries.

From the pre-release review of the app by TechCrunch, the app is pretty simple and straight forward to understand. There are three tabs. The home showcases recommendation from YouTube as well as account info, then there is the live tab where there is a long list of channels for live broadcasting. As you scroll down you can also see channel previews on the top of the screen. The third tab is a very interesting feature, the Library has a list of saved tv shows and games that you want to watch for later.

The charges of this service is $ 35 per month subscription. The first month is free. If you are tired of paying the cable bill month after month then this is a great way with good value for money back.

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