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Live Photos API Publically released by Apple

Apr 21, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

We first came to know about the concept in Harry Potter Books, about moving pictures. In the wizarding world the pictures played over a moment again and again and everything moves in them. However in real world it became possible around a couple of years ago. Although we are still unable to create moving pictures on paper but in softcopy they are available as live Photos. Live photos apps have been around for some time now but it has been for the first time that Apple (considered a pro in everything related to images and videos) has released the code for creating and sharing live photos to in your apps and also on the web.

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There are apps available that enable you to create and share live photos but to embed them on the web is a completely new feature that is very attractive to everyone. So now every user can experience the live photos. Bloggers all over are rushing to use the API code released by App and use them in their blog or web page. To see the full potential for what the Live photos by Apple released API can do you can look at the examples given on the official Apple page. And if you are wondering how the pictures in the example will start to move, it is not auto play like some videos on social media are. It is by hovering over the small live button on the top right corner of the picture. Yes this button will not disappear when the picture is being played by may be the next improvement in the live photos might be to get rid of this button when the photo plays,

Last year Tumblr also shared something similar to this but it was nowhere as good as this new version that has been released by Apple.

So now moving pictures are here let’s see when we have pictures where people can jump from one frame to the other. Till then enjoy this feature by downloading the API and share your view with us.

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