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Live Location sharing on Facebook Messenger

Mar 29, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Get ready for even more updates in the most happening App these days, the Facebook messenger has now even more to offer. After incorporating the SnapChat clone, messenger day, now Facebook Messenger lets you view your live location and share it with your friends.

The live location has a huge utility, as you can tell your friends and family where you are. You can know when you are close to some friends so you can arrange a meet up. When you are about to go to a meeting or an appointment people can know when you will be reaching. When you are waiting for someone you can exactly know how much time they would take to reach you. There are endless possibilities and utilities of this new feature.

This new feature is being rolled out globally and is available for both iOS and Android devices.

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How to share live location on Facebook Messenger?

You can easily share live location through Facebook messenger. Although take care of the privacy settings as you do not want to share your location with just anyone, instead only with the people you really want to.

Here is a step by step guide to sharing live location through Facebook Messenger. It is almost the same for both iOS and Android devices.

  • Open the Facebook Messenger and to share Live Location tap on the more icon and tap location or directly location icon.
  • There will be a map of your current location as well as option to tap a blue colored bar to share the live location with others.
  • When you choose the Live location share option, the people or a person with whom you are sharing the location will see your location for the next 60 minutes. However you can remove the share option any time and stop them to know you live location.
  • Also there will be a small clock coming at the bottom of the screen that tells how much time is left till your location share will be over.
  • An interesting feature here is that you can see the time to reach the other person if they are also sharing their locations. The other people will also see your estimated time for arrival (ETA)

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In the following image you can see that pushing the blue button lead to share the location option becoming visible as well as you location on the map is highlighted.

live location

When you click on share your location, a red colored option comes up that say stop sharing. This will remain like this until you stop sharing. Besides sharing the live location there is also a way to share any static location with your friends too.

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The new feature is being rolled out and soon you will be able to use it. Are you excited by this new feature in Facebook? You thing it will work or will it not work? Let us know your views by sharing comments below,

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