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LinkedIn New Feature Helps in finding most Relevant News

Mar 24, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

LinkedIn, a very popular social network by Microsoft has a recently added new feature. LinkedIn is a professional social network and aims at building business contacts, socializing with people in similar profession and most importantly help people find their next jobs. Here are some updates about LinkedIn new feature.

LinkedIn New Feature

The LinkedIn new feature allows users to get a “trending topics” news feed that is customized for their individual interests and profession. There is going to be a newsfeed section that contains news stories from all over the world. LinkedIn new feature is not only using powerful computer algorithm but also human editors for this purpose and together both of them, will find trending topics and then find news and articles related to the trending topics.

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The results will then be fed to the users ‘trending newsfeed’ section. This will be a new section within the LinkedIn app to accommodate the LinkedIn new feature. The aim of the LinkedIn new feature is to make the users spend more and more time within the app. Along with the news stories there will be user posts also that are relevant to a person’s personal interests and preferences. The newly added feature is a part of changes that the social network is undergoing after Microsoft took over it.

This is not a completely novel idea. In fact we have functionality like this one in some other social networks too. For example the Facebook has a trending now section. The stories in trending area are among the top posts to be shown in the related person’s newsfeed section. No one exactly know how the posts relevance to a person is calculated but we have some hints like if a person has liked and commented on the post, it will mean that the person I interested in the post and it will be shown in his newsfeed for the next couple of days.

LinkedIn new feature

Twitter also has an almost similar feature called the twitter moments. Once you click on the moments tab you will see curated stories that are customized according to the person’s personal interests. Although the twitter moments is a limited application and not all the countries have this facility right now but the LinkedIn feature will roll out on the Wednesday, 22, 2017 for the US citizens only. When will it roll out to the other countries of the world is not known as yet. However till then the users from US will have the power to check out if this feature is more useful than its Twitter and Facebook counterparts.

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This is what the vice president of Twitter has to say about this important news

“We want to help them be knowledgeable on the biggest conversations taking place,” he said. “We want them to be well informed so they are able to weigh in and stand out.”

The stories in the trending newsfeed section will be curated. This means that they would be cleaned from spam and fake news. This curation can be through a computer algorithm or by human editors. Whichever is the case the news delivered becomes relevant and to the point.

Do you think this is a good feature to be added in LinkedIn? Let us know your views by commenting below.

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