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LG’s Iris Recognition Technology Might Be Employed By G7

Dec 11, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Now the mobile phone manufacturers seem to want to get rid of the existing fingerprint identification technology. LG recently applied for a patent for iris recognition technology. It might be used on G7.

LG G7 Iris Recognition

It is reported that LG recently submitted a patent application for iris recognition, according to the patent description, the iris recognition sensor can adjust the accuracy according to changes in the environment, but also adjust the recognition speed according to the change of the distance, and can be used in any light environment.

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We know that iris is actually more unique than fingerprinting, and confidential levels in science fiction often use iris scanning to confirm identity. However, this technology is not so easy to operate in reality, especially in mobile phones with complicated environments. It is reported that LG will be the first to use the technology on the G7, and embedded into the front camera, thus saving the cost of the front panel space. This will not take up full-screen space even with frontal scans.

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Of course, everything is still anecdotal now. It is unclear exactly when this technology will be used, but it is always an expected technology.


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