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LG V30: The First Full Screen Slider Phone!

May 28, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

A render of LG V30 shows that it is a slider phone with two displays. However, this is just a concept and the final phone might or might not feature this design.

LG V30

LG is apparently planning to release V30 smartphone in September. It is said that LG V30 will have an OLED screen instead of a LCD screen,  According to the original concept, it will have a secondary display that eill slide out. Although it is only to be released in September, this is an early sample, the final completion of mass production might not looks like this. It seems that V30 uses an unprecedented bold design. The secondary screen is more of like an information area. After sliding down, the second sub-screen appears, it has a keyboard, and can also act as a music control, game buttons, document separation, quick button, etc. It can evend be a seamless expansion of the first screen vertical content. It will also have Xiaolong 835 and front double photo. LG V30 looks a little like the BlackBerry PRIV, which also has a slide-up screen which reveals a keyboard, or Apple’s Touch Bar, which shows app-specific commands. 

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Let’s see what the final product will look like and whether it will have a secondary display.

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