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LG Q8 Review: The Phone Scores Well In Most Departments

Oct 1, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

LG Q8 is actually a phone that was launched under the V34 in Japan last year. Now, LG is marketing that phone in other countries with the name LG Q8. The fact that LG has decided to launch the phone in other countries is a testimony of its success in Japan. It is available for 707 USD. The price is comparable to LG G6. The price reflects that the phone is a high end product. If you are wondering weather this price tag is justified, keep reading. LG Q8 is a good phone and it has managed to receive rave reviews.

LG Q8 Reviewlg q8

The LG Q8 is equipped with a 2016 top-of-the-range hardware, seeing the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 CPU coupled to the Adreno 530 GPU and 4 GB of lpDDR4 RAM. The internal memory is only 32 GB (expandable with microSD), a small neo in an otherwise very complete technical card. The LTE connectivity is of Cat. 6, there is a dual-core WiFi WiFi, Bluetooth 4.2, NFC, GPS, FM radio, infrared port and Type C 1.0 port. There are also the classic sensors: accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, brightness and proximity, including the barometer. On the back there is a biometric reader for fingerprints, fast, precise and clickable, also acting as a power button.

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LG Q8 gets better, better than G6, it is very stable and reliable in this regard.Great audio quality in call while loudspeaker is not very powerful and handsfree you will have some trouble in the enclosed places. It is available in the single sim sim variant, with expandable memory. No problem with GPS, Bluetooth, and other connections, where everything works smoothly.

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Last year’s top-of-the-range hardware does not disappoint and is abundantly comparable with a mid-range device released in 2017. It’s always pretty fast but shows the side when it requires extra effort on multitasking. Compared to the latest Snapdragon 835 devices, it is only slightly slower in handling large workloads such as gaming and browsing simultaneously loaded into RAM or large files memory shifts.

lg q8 reviews

The LG Q8 is a lightweight, compact 149 x 71.9 x 8 mm smartphone, built with an aluminum monocoque and two plastic strips to facilitate reception. It is held very comfortably in the hand because the rear bumper follows perfectly the palm lines, does not re-slip too slip and the elongated design favors has a sturdy handle. Esthetically, a thick lower frame is immediately noticeable, which makes it seem untimely, a detail that disappears when the display is off. The ignition key is placed on the rear face so the profile is particularly clean and elegant. Elegant is the right adjective to describe a smartphone with the clear business vocation, serious and discreet. It inherited the design from LG V20 but loses its ability to remove cover and battery, in favor of IP67 water and dust certification.

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LG Q8 comes with two displays, the main one is a 5.2 inch LCD IPS QHD. In the upper right is placed the second display, a 2.1-inch main screen extension with 1040 x 160 pixels resolution.

lg q8

The main screen is of good quality but its brightness represents Achille’s heel: it is not bright enough outdoors to allow for excellent visibility and paradoxically it is too bright in the dark. Colors, however, are calibrated well and are vivid, even though they are natural, deep black but only perpendicular, tend to lighten slightly with elevated viewing angles. The second display is used to display notifications, signatures, date and time, contact shortcuts, toggle, media control, and recent applications. It is always on and you can change the behavior according to the on / off state of the main display. We found it useful as shortcuts to recent apps, for some quick toggle switches, and a quick look at notifications, but it did not seem like a killer feature that could completely move the webbing needle. It should be taken as “something more”, useful in some circumstances, less so in others. The multimedia compartment is of a good standard, even if the speaker is not very powerful, to give value to the compartment there is a 32 bti HiFi DAC that, combined with good headphones, delivers high quality listening.

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The LQ Q8 has an interesting photo compartment, taken exactly by LG V20, in turn inspired by LG G5. On the back there are two cameras, one of which is a standard focal length and F / 1.8 aperture with stabilized optics, coupled to a 13 mega pixel sensor, the other cam is a wide angle 135 degrees and 10 mm focal length, not stabilized and operating on an 8 mega pixel sensor. Also on the front there is an “eye” with 120 degree visual field and 5 megapixels with focal aperture F / 1.9. Both day and night photos are of excellent quality, digital noise is kept up and the detail is very high. The phoe is on a level comparable to LG G6 , HTC U11 and Samsung Galaxy S8day, a step below at night. Wide-angle pictures are spectacular when there is good light and offer unmatched flexibility combined with great picture quality. Compared to G6 and V30, the viewing angle is very wide and this allows extremely extreme shots. Okay also the selfie, certainly better than G6 even if there is no autofocus and in general the phone is still far from the top quality of the range that was mentioned earlier.

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The battery is 3000 mAh and allows for a decent autonomy without really being convincing. On average, you can cover 4h of active display on a full day but you will have to hold the power to arrive after dinner. Compared to the LG G6, there is less power that can make the difference between having to carry or not behind a power bank in anticipation of a day off.

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Onboard LG Q8 you will find Android 7.0 with LG UX interface. This is the same customization as seen on the latest LG smartphones, well-balanced between features and simplicity. Graphics are minimal, but there is no possibility of customization through themes. There is a good set of preinstalled applications and some advanced features for multitasking and notes. 

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Overall, LG Q8 is a good phone, but slightly expensive. This is a smartphone that came to most markets with great delay, but it is a nice edition to the phones launched in 2017. The convenience, reliability on the telephone line and the extraordinary wide-angle camera of LG Q8 is good, but not the little-designed front design and lack of autonomy. However, it is still a good alternative to the LG G6, from which it is divided in different ways and in some respects even more complete, it is unpleasant to see such a nice product arriving int market out of time. If you are worried about the price, try searching for good deals on Amazon. 

Overall, the phone has a brilliant display, amazing software, and reliable hardware. The ergonomics is good and the battery lasts a long time. The camera is also pretty good. The materials used in the phone are high class. The audio and user experience is also good. It is a thumbs up from us!

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Will you consider Lg Q8? Let us know in the comments below!

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