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Levi’s And Google Are Working On A New Smart Jacket With Multi-Touch Sensor

Oct 18, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Last year, Levi’s released a smart jacket for research and development with Google, which embedded technology into the jacket’s fabric.Now, Levi’s and Google will start working on the second generation of smart jacket research and development.

Smart Jacket

Levi Strauss & Co CEO Chip Bergh said the two companies plan to add more features in this jacket. Users will not even need to pull out their phone to operate it. Bergh used to ask himself if this project was a success. He thinks the answer is yes, as, through cooperation with Google, Levi’s has learned how to innovate. 

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It is understood it is Google and Levi’s joint design to integrate multi-touch touch sensor in the smart jacker, use the denim fabric, and remove the cuffs label so that it will be easy to clean. The jacket is compatible with Android and iOS platform and is priced at $ 350.

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Users can slide or tap the jacket cuffs and perform other operations, to achieve playback/pause music, navigate, view SMS and other functions. In addition, on the jacket cuffs, the gesture sensor is embedded in a flexible tag, wirelessly connected to the mobile device via microelectronics, which can be alerted by touch or light.


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