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Lets Take a Field Trip – Apples March 27 event has high hopes from fans

Mar 25, 2018 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

It is the time of the year when Apples hold its first keynote event of the year. Apple is known to keep all the big news and updates to its personal events and not on international platforms like MWC. The Spring keynote event is always interesting and we get the feel of what to expect next from Apple. This year the Apples March 27 event has an interesting slogan “Lets take a field trip.” It definitely means we are in for some great new release news.

Apples March 27 Event

So the first thing about this event that will catch any of the ardent Apple’s fans attention is that this time the event is not being held in any of the Apple’s prime favorite occasions like the Apple’s ultra cool and flashy new Infinite Loop center or even Moscone Center in Frisco. Instead it is going to be held in an unlikely location which is the Lane Tech College Prep High School in Chicago. Along with the announcement of the location, Apple has announced on the invitation card “Join us to hear new creative ideas for teachers and students,”

This statement from Apple tells a great deal about the event and what its focus is going to be this year. Apple has been toying with the ideas of virtual classrooms, free education for all and AI based personalized teaching and learning in educational institutes.

So we can expect the event will be focused on students, teacher and education system. Here is a look at some of the new gadgets that might be announced at the Apples March 27 event.

Apples March 27 event

There are many ideas and concepts that we are sure will be delivered by Apple to us in this event. However the gadgets that we can get a glimpse of might include the following.

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The new iPad

We know that the new iPad is slated to be released in March this year. So what better way to release it than an event hosted by Apple. The idea of virtual classrooms have Apple iPads at the center, so we can be assured that Apple will be focusing on educational utility of iPads this time around. According to some leaks, the design will be somewhat similar to iPhone X, with minimum bezels and a notch. There will be facial recognition and powerful camera with the slow motion feature.

Let’s see what else this new iPad has in store for us.

The new Apple Pencil

Here is a look at the invitation image of the event.

This year the Apples March 27 event has an interesting slogan "Lets take a field trip."

As you can see the focus is on pencil art. Also a new Apple pencil is definitely due and this time we expect it to be reasonably priced keeping students in view. If it is reasonably priced students will love taking notes with the apple pencil rather than with the traditional ones.

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There are no indepth details about this product but we got some hints in the iOS beta 11.3. Classkit as the name indicates has the basic framework for an e-classroom and would make student teacher interaction easier. It will shift many manual tasks to automatic and make them easier. It will also make the advanced educational apps possible to work and create.

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iPhone SE 2

We are not expecting it to be released as soon as the 27th of March, but we are wishing that we might be hearing about this new iPhone in the event. There might be some news about what can we expect from the compact iPhone SE series. It is undoubtedly going to be a great phone with price much more reasonable than the iPhone X.

So lets keep our fingers crossed and hope we get to see some good and exciting news from Apple this 27th March. Stay tuned for more updates from the event.

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Which Apple product are you excited to see soon? Let us know by commenting below.

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