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Lenovo And Wikitude To Build An Augmented Human Cloud Platform

Jun 3, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Lenovo’s and Wikitude have announced plans to jointly build Augmented Human Cloud, through the AR , AI and big data.

Augmented Human Cloud

Lenovo subsidiary Lenovo New Vision has collaborated with Wikitude to build an Augmented Human Cloud platform. Wikitude is contributing an intelligent recognition engine and SLAM (Simultaneous Localization And Mapping). Lenovo brings Kepler (a remote video app), Titan (an AR content editing tool) and Martin (a machine learning recognition system). Lenovo also brings in the New Vision AR glasses nwhich will be need by users to experience this tech. The Augmented Human Cloud platform will combine features of artificial intelligence, data analysis, and AR. International Data Corporation (IDC) predicts that AH technology will be at the forefront of technology. With the rapid development of technology such as induction technology, wearable computing, networking and artificial intelligence, these technologies are being used more and more in life and production, and human abilities will be elevated to unprecedented heights. TheIDC report has shown that although virtual reality headsets are getting some attention, AR headsets till have to make an impact.  Wikitude’s CEO Martart Hedina said that Wikitude is happy to work with Lenovo. This approach is the first in the industry, combining Wikitude’s leading AR and AI technologies, as well as their core competencies and market experience to build the industry vision. Vice President of Lenovo Group and General Manager of Lenovo New Vision , Bai Yili, said that Wikitude is the pioneer and leader of the AR industry in the world, and they hope that their partnership will further expand the global layout of Lenovo Augmented Human cloud and promote the transformation of traditional industries.

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About Lenovo New Vision

Lenovo New Vision, is a subsidiary of Lenovo Capital and Incubator Group. It is completely dedicated to the AR industry. NBD, Its predecessor, unvieled the C100, its first-generation of AR smart glasses in 2014. It is one of the first in China to feature an integrated AR software/hardware solution. Its business encompasses public security, Medicare, industry, tourism and some other sectors.

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About Lenovo

Lenovo is a US$43 billion global Fortune 500 company. It is a leader in providing innovative solutions for sonsumers, as well as comercial and enterprise technology. Their portfolio includes high-quality and secure products and services like PCs , servers, workstations, storage, smart TVs and a series of mobile products such smartphones, tablets and apps.

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About Wikitude

Wikitude is a leading independent mobile AR technology provider. Its exclusively in-house built AR technology that is available via its SDK, Cloud Recognition and Studio products enables brands and developers to fulfill their AR goals. There have been more that 1 billion apps installs. Wikitude has helped many enterprise and consumer-focused AR apps. Wikitude’s latest offering is its 3D recognition and tracking (SLAM), which allows apps to ‘see’ and comrepehend spaces, objects, and rooms.

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The AH cloud platform is a cloud service system that integrates intelligent identification, cloud storage, content editing and video communication. It can carry Lenovo intelligent glasses C200 and other AR intelligent terminals. It is truly consistent with the concept of strengthening the human, for remote industrial maintenance, intelligent command and dispatch, telemedicine, three-dimensional diagnosis, intelligent tourism and other cutting-edge areas. The platform can realize the technology application such as intelligent recognition, classification recognition, workflow, 3D display, video communication, etc., to help users edit the workflow, electronic manual, 2D / 3D product model, video picture and so on, and preset to the system, background push, etc. at any time call, and support remote experts through the video system real-time guidance of first-line operation. It is  multi-terminal, cross-platform, customizable, open, user-friendly and easy to manage. The platform will be used in industries such as security, medical, tourism and other industries to help users build mobile knowledge base, reduce cosf, and help industrial upgrading of traditional industries.

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In order to promote the development of AR industry, so that more enterprise users can experience the newLenovo AHCLOUD and the global implementation of AHCLOUD, click the following for free trial activities: Lenovo-ar.com/shiyong.html

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Seems like the new and upcoming technology that will be implemented globally is the augmented reality. Let’s see how soon it will become common place.

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What do you think about this collaboration of Lenovo and Wikitude for augmented human cloud? Do the prospects look exciting? Share your views with us in the comments below!

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