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Legendary Group Announces Future Proof Hack For Nintendo Switch

Jan 6, 2018 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Nintendo Switch was certainly the console of the year 2017. The Japanese manufacturer came out with a hugely popular piece of hardware and also some more than convincing games.The console was also targeted by hackers, who have already started various attempts in this direction.A group now wants to have managed the “definitive hack solution”.

Nintendo Switch

At the recent Hackers’ Congress 34C3 of the Chaos Computer Club, several well-known experts showed kernel exploits, with which one can hijack the system of the hybrid console with firmware 3.0.0. This should be especially possible to install homebrew software on the device. Homebrew is usually used for the installation of unofficial software, so it is thus settled in a kind of legal gray area.
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It can also be used occasionally for piracy, which of course represents a violation. Normally, such exploits do not last long, as manufacturers can make the games unusable via updates.Therefore, the announcement of the well-known group Team Xecuter is quite remarkable.

Because the team Xecuter stated that they had decided after the recent presentations on the 34C3 to give a preview of a yet unreleased “product”. The amazing thing is that they promise a “universal” solution, it will work on any Nintendo Switch console and regardless of the firmware installed, so they’ll be “future proof”.

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TorrentFreak notes that such announcements are not uncommon, but Team Xecutor is not an ordinary group. One can refer to various (hardware) solutions that go back to the first PlayStation. The hackers did not name an appointment, but it will not take too long until the puzzle is solved. 


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