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Leadership crisis at Uber – More trouble for the firm already in hot waters

Jun 15, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

It seems that things are not going to take a change for betterment anytime soon at Uber. After a number of scandals and controversies, now the online cab hailing service is under serious leadership crises. The chief executive of Uber technologies Inc, Travis Kalanick has taken a leave from the form for an unnamed number of days.

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Travis Kalanick leaves Uber

Travis Kalanick is also a co-founder of Uber and he along with friend Garret Camp. It is not just a cab hailing service but you can also hire rickshaws, boats or even a helicopter through it. Now after a wave of people have decided they would like to boycott Uber until something publically done by the people or not.

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Kalanich has given official statement through which nothing is clear about when he plans to return to the corporate world. According to the leaked email circulating the organization, this is what Travis Kalamuch has to say about his decision to go on a leave Uber even for a short period of time. He wants time to grieve the death of his matter and start out the sexual harassment allegations.

He also said his leave “may be shorter or longer than we might expect.” Such ambiguity will effect Uber’s efforts to rebuild its executive ranks, startup experts say.

There are fourteen major openings in the firm right now. The CEO and the COO both positions are empty.

Here is what other experts in the industry are saying about the move by KAlamuch.

“The lack of clarity around Travis’ position hangs over everything,” said Bill Aulet, managing director of the entrepreneurship centre at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. “You’re dealing with the most important thing, which is, who is your boss?”

How do you think Uber can come out of this house of problems? Let us know by commenting below.

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