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King of Piracy Artem Vaulin May be freed from charges

Jun 19, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Many of us are guilty of enjoying pirated content online time and again. A few would admit it, but there are millions of pirated videos and audios that are downloaded all over the world. The man behind a major chunk of them was Ukrainian computer whiz Artem Vaulin. Termed as the king of piracy Artem Vaulin was known on the internet popularly as the tirm. He was the founder and owner of the mega piracy website Kickass torrents that is commonly known over the internet as KAT or Kick.

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He was running it from behind a front company called Cryptoneat.

King of piracy Artem Vaulin

During the mid 2016, the king of piracy Artem Vaulin was arrested and charged with the illegal distribution of content over a billion dollars in worth. With the combined charges of piracy, copyright infringements, tax evasions, it was estimated that he would face a twenty years in prisons along with a huge sum as a fine. He was detained and kept in prison.

However with the help of an accomplished lawyer Ira Rothken he went outside and the attempts at his extradition have been failed so far. However in the newest development it has been reported that he has agreed to sign extradition agreement and come to United States and face the trial.

His main strength has been the presence of Ira Rothken on his side. She is a highly accomplished technology attorney and has worked on a long list of famous cases where technology was involved. It is expected that she might get him emancipated from long term of imprisonment if not the fines.

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On the other hand last December when Artem was still detained, a new torrent website by the same name erupted on the internet with illegal content and it was expected that Artem’s employs are behind it.

So what will be the fate of King of piracy Artem Vaulin, we do not know yet. What do you think should be done with Vaulin? And how can piracy maybe completely and truly eradicated? Let us know by commenting below.


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