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Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo Leaves KGI

May 2, 2018 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Today Taiwanese media reported that KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has left KGI Securities. In the future, he will no longer focus on Apple, but on other emerging industries. In other words, in the future, we will have one less reliable source for information regarding Apple.

Ming-Chi Kuo

Taiwanese media said that at the end of last year, Ming-Chi Kuo had the intention to withdraw from KGI. The reason is that the vast majority of analysts are now beginning to switch to emerging industries, and analysis of emerging industries will get more attention. Therefore, Ming-Chi Kuo will focus on Taiwan’s science and technology industry and capital market in the future instead of a simple electronic product supply chain.

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With Ming-Chi Kuo departure, the future of Apple’s mobile phones and other new products may be much less bright than expected, thereby increasing the mystery of Apple’s new iPhone. The smartphone industry isn’t doing so well. Most smartphone makers aren’t introducing new technologies and the global smartphone shipments are also declining year by year.

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Kuo used his supply chain sources to scoop ou product details for KGI and his predictions were often spot on. He used to share investor memos with publications like the AppleInsider.  Kuo has predicted things such as a redesigned Apple Watch with a bigger display, more health monitoring updates, and a better battery life, and a cheaper HomePod.


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