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Karachi hit by heat wave !

Jun 23, 2015 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Either the sun has descended upon us from the heavens or the fires of hell have risen from the depth of this earth as the current heat wave that has hit Karachi and plains of Sindh this summer is not at all normal and usual. This furious weather has got us all caged in the comforts and protection of our homes as one simply can’t walk around in this cruel sun. But here we are talking about those who can’t afford to sit back in their homes. This heat wave, however ruthless it may be, is not brutal enough for those who have to leave their homes in order to get back to their homes with something to feed their families. That’s where the real problem is coming from.

“Brutal Pakistan heat wave kills 630 people in Karachi”

Times of India

“Pakistan heat wave claims hundreds of lives”


“At least 400 killed in Karachi city and adjoining districts as temperature touches 45 degrees Celsius, officials say”

Al jazeera


Now feeling hot, sitting in air conditioner with a drink in your hand is acceptable. But this many a deaths just by this heat wave is at the very least an alarming situation for all of us. A surprising 12 lac air conditioning units were sold out which is the most for any year. Heat stroke has effected hundreds across the city and the hospitals have had to enforce emergency situations in the wards, cancelling medical leaves and requesting additional supplies. The heat wave has been so severe that along with medical services, Pak Army and Rangers have offered their services and stationed their people at various spots in the city to help heat struck people.

The matters had been made much worse due to the frequent power outbreaks in the city as the supplied power fell short of the demand during this heat wave. We should all pray to our Lord for mercy and ourselves be careful to survive this weather. For some tips also read

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Artificial Rain in Karachi under consideration

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