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iPhone X Fans Waited In Huge Queues To Get Their Hands On The $1000 Phone

Nov 4, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

iPhone X fans were not discouraged by the $ 1,000 price of Apple’s new smartphone, making big queues in front of stores around the world on Friday, the official launch day, in some cases even at night, with no guarantee that they could buy one.

iPhone X Fans

At Apple’s store on Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue, the line stretched along 58th Street, traversing Madison, going to Park Avenue. Apple allowed access to the store for just 10 clients once, so people had much to expect. Fortunately for them, the weather in New York was unusually hot and sunny. A 19-year-old student sat down at 8 am and after an hour someone just came and said they are afraid they do not have enough phones.

Similar scenes have taken place all over the world, recalling the queues formed on the first day of iPhone sales on June 29, 2007. Pre-orders launched by Apple last week were quickly exhausted, with deliveries scheduled for December. Apple announced on Thursday it has increased production capacity and waiting times of six weeks will be reduced. The queues have been twice as expected, signaling a high demand for the iPhone X according to Gene Munster, co-founder of Loup Ventures, which has been evaluating Apple’s queues for iPhone releases for years.

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Apple predicts record earnings of 84-87 billion dollars for the winter holiday season, tempered by investors’ fears that production problems will limit sales. Movies and photos posted on Twitter showed security agents who organized the line in front of Singapore’s Apple Orchard Road store. In Sydney, fans came to the queue with lounge chairs, while others sold their seats a few hours before launch. The queue of Tokyo’s Ginza Apple Store stood two streets away. In London, Apple employees have acclaimed the first customers who left the store after buying the phone. Apple is known for the excitement created around launching a new iPhone, but in recent years online preferences and other buying options have cut shop queues.
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This year, Apple has intensively promoted the iPhone, and new features such as facial recognition and screen from one edge to another have increased demand.  Apple’s general manager, Tim Cook, said on Thursday that the iPhone X is “very, very big” without giving details. Apple has not reported iPhone sales data since launching an iPhone starting with iPhone 7, saying only that the demand exceeded the offer. However, the company did not say whether it would do the same with the iPhone X. In October, Apple did not reveal sales since the release of iPhone 8.  Apple has recorded the biggest sales in a launch weekend with iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus in 2015 with over 13 million phones.


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