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iPhone X Facial Recognition Technology Can Be Used on MacBook and iMac too

Oct 3, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

According to reports, facial recognition is a big selling point of the iPhone X. In fact, higher security, faster facial recognition is not only limited to iPhone X, it can also be used on MacBook And iMac too.

iPhone X Facial Recognition

In the September 12, 2017 autumn conference, Apple officially announced iPhone X for the tenth anniversary of the iPhone. You can start booking for the phone from October 27. It will be officially listed on November 3 officially listed. In addition to wireless Charging and full-screen design, facial recognition technology is also a major highlight of the iPhone X.

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Although the iPhone X face recognition demonstration at the press conference was embarrassing, as it could not identify the senior vice president of software engineering Craig Feidrich’s face, resulting in a failed demonstration. And now the phone supports facial recognition using 3D sensors. The mass production of iPhone x is also a problem.

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But Apple’s facial recognition technology in terms of safety and speed was still a very obvious advantage in the conference. Apple senior vice president Phil Schiller said the support for Face ID was randomly cracked. The probability for this is one in a million, and the same probability for fingerprint identification Touch ID is only one in hundred fifty thousand. In terms of speed recognition, media reported that the time required to identify a face is less than one millionth of a second.

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With the introduction of this technology, security will greatly improve. Facial recognition is currently a privilege. The technology will not just be limited to iPhone X, you will also be able to use it on the MacBook, iMac and other Apple devices. Compared to the iPhone, MacBook and iMac specifications are larger. Apple iPhone can integrate Face ID to achieve facial recognition in MacBook and iMac and other large Apple devices.

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And it worth noting that MacBook and iMac, etc. are currently using the sunlocking technology as iPhone. Apple had launched integrated Touch ID of the MacBook Pro last year, to achieve a fingerprint unlock, and facial recognition is a major development trend. 


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