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There Will Be A Cheaper Version Of iPhone X But Please Don’t Buy It

Oct 24, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Since the last few days, we have been hearing that Apple will launch a cheaper version of iPhone X. According to reports, the cheaper version of iPhone X will be launched the next year. Now, we have more proofs that confirm that this is not merely a speculation.

Cheaper Version Of iPhone Xiphone x cheaper version

It is expected that Apple will ship nearly 3000 units of a cheaper version of iPhone X next year. Of course, the term cheap here is not used literally. The phone will also be comparatively cheaper. Its price might be similar to that of iPhone 8. But, till now there were only speculations about a cheaper version and no concrete proofs. Today, we have got some evidence. China’s Ministry of Industry official website shows a new iPhone X model today. This model is different from the previous version. This “new” iPhone X model is not the previous “A1865”, but “A1903”, the date of issue is October 19.

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After careful comparison, we found that the new version of the A1903 iPhone X does not support the telecommunications CDMA2000 standard network. There are speculations that this new version is for Asian markets like China. iPhone X might collaborate with China Mobile to launch a customized version of the product.

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In addition, the configurations of A1903 and A1865 are different, so it can be ruled out that A1903 is the cheap iPhone X. By convention, the operator of the custom phone may give a larger discount than the retail version. However, for most people, the purchase of this is not worth recommending because we are unsure of telecommunications network support for the customized version of iPhone X. If you want to buy iPhone X, you must pay attention to buy the specific model. Look at the information on the box.

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If you find yourself buying the iPhone X A1903 model, ask for the A1865 model instead. Although the telecommunications network support might not bother some people, it still counts a lot.


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