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iPhone Wireless Charger Will Be Pretty Expensive!

Aug 21, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

The three upcoming iPhones have one thing in common: they will all support the wireless charging function. Unfortunately, the iPhone wireless charger is expected to be pretty expensive.

iPhone Wireless Charger

The iPhone 7S, 7S Plus, and 8 will have standard wireless charging function. The wireless charging chip has been made by the Broadcom factory. The transmitter wireless charging chip has been provided by NXP. Broadcom is a semiconductor company and it will benefit a lot financially from the upcoming iPhones. For many users, this wireless charging feature is more favorable as it is compatible with the Wireless Charging Consortium(WPC)/Qi standard (Apple has already joined the alliance before). The new iPhone’s wireless charger will be divided into two versions.

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The slow charge is will give an output of 5W slow charge and will be compatible with Qi standard, and the fast charge will use encryption. Both will be sold separately. Users will have to spend a lot of money as the charger price is said to be 200 US dollars.

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The iPhone 8 wireless charger will be sold as a separate accessory. Apple had previously submitted patents for charging phones with Wi-FI signals. However, for now, we will have to do with inductive technology. It is interesting to note that the launch of the iPhone wireless charger may be delayed.


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