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iPhone May Begin Using OLED From The Next Year

Jul 8, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Apple plans to launch three iPhones with OLED screens from the next year. It is interesting to note that right now Samsung Display is the only company that makes OLED screens. Does it mean that Apple will be getting its OLED screens from Samsung? Only time will tell, but Foxconn’s Sharp is also increasing its production.

iPhone OLED

OLED is the latest, superior technology that has darker blacks and offers better power consumption. The iPhone 8 will also have an OLED screen. Basically, iPhone will be testing the waters with iPhone 8. We cannot say yet what the size of the OLED screens would be. Apple doesn’t really want to rely entirely on Samsung for screen supply and understandably so! Last week there were rumors that Apple will work with LG and invest $ 1.75 billion to get more OLED screen supplies. Apple hopes to invest in LG after the show can be set up specifically for Apple orders for Korean display manufacturers of the new OLED production line. However, at present to LG’s OLED production continues to improve.

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Apple’s quality requirements for the OLED screens are very high and Samsung’s display is the only line with their quality requirements of the screen manufacturers. LG Display has reached 70% of the requirements, while the Chinese display manufacturers are still trying to catch up.Obviously, all manufacturers are competing for Samsung’s OLED display, there is still hope for Apple to find a better supplier than Samsung. 

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