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iPhone 8 Further leaks, Wireless charging and Water Proof set

Jun 16, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

With the release of new iPhone 8 getting closer and closer, we are receiving cool and exciting new leaks that  make us crave for its launch more and more. Few days ago there were leaks regarding the front and back panels of the iPhone 8 as well as the iPhone 7S and now we have iPhone 8 further leaks. According to iPhone 8 further leaks we can very much expect wireless charging and a completely water resistant mobile phone set.

iPhone 8 Further leaks

iPhone 8 further leaks

As the upcoming iPhone 8 marks the 10 years of Apple so we sure are expecting a lot of new and great things. Wireless charging is one of them. There has been a number of design and patent leak lately. Experts, after going through the design leaks have confirmed that we can safely expect the upcoming phone to have the wireless charging option available. Then Apple would release along with the phone wireless charging station or a charging pad. Given the Apple’s record to create breathtaking designs, we can expect some cool and colorful official docking pads and charging pads.

Secondly the phone will be water resistant. After Samsung set up the trend and made its mobile phones really and completely water resistant. (You can see in the ad kids swimming with the phone under water.) Now Apple and other big mobile phone manufacturers must also provide water resistance to their mobile phone sets.

Other features that might be a part of iPhone 8 include facial recognition for authentication. Now finger print recognition and retina scans are common things so it is better to have facial recognition to stand out from the crowd.

Are you excited about the release of iPhone 8? Do you think it will be better than the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8  plus mobile phone sets? Let us know your views by commenting below.

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