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iPhone 8 and iPhone 7S Front and Back Panels Photos leaked

Jun 13, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

The hottest new leak regarding iPhone 8 and iPhone 7S has been today when the images of the front and back panels have been released. They are in accordance with the design leak that we published few days ago.

Final iPhone 8 design leaks confirmed, along with iPhone 7s

Here is a closer look at the leaked design.

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iPhone 8 and iPhone 7S iPhone 8 and iPhone 7S

iPhone 8 and iPhone 7S design leaked

In the case of iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S plus there is going to be camera on the top left corner. In 7S the camera will be single but in the iPhone 7S plus there is going to be a dual camera in the horizontal alignment. However in the second case the alignment will be vertical in the iPhone 8.

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What we are most excited about is the huge frontal display. The bezels are almost gone and the display looks sleek and impressive. Although there have been no specifics leaked regarding the screen, but we are quite sure that it will be a huge HD display with very high screen resolution. Until the screen sizes are officially known we cannot say anything about it but we are expecting bigger screen then iPhone 7 of course.

With so many leaks surrounding the upcoming Apple iPhone 8 and iPhone 7S, we hope that Apple soon makes the official launch dates known ASAP. With the excitement around the leaks from the consumers, one thing is certain, the new iPhone will be a hit, whether it is iPhone 8 and iPhone 7S or iPhone 7S plus.

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Are you excited about the new upcoming iPhone 8 and iPhone 7S. Let us know what you your views about the upcoming mobile phones from Apple.


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