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iPhone 8: Facial Recognition + Inside Scoop On Announcement Date

Jul 6, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Apparently, Apple is ready to give up on the iPhone 8 fingerprint recognition in favor of facial recognition technology.However, some analysts have scoffed at this, saying it is simply anti-human design.

iPhone Facial Recognition

Some analysts said that although there is every reason to believe that iPhone 8’s facial recognition function will make people very satisfied, there will still be a lot of practical problems in the use of the process. For example, if you want to use the facial recognition function, you have to lift the phone up to do face recognition every time. This is very inconvenient, compared to fingerprint recognition. Informed sources pointed out that Apple’s facial recognition can be more accurate to successfully unlock the phone. However, the only headache of this technology is the progress of research and development/ Apple hopes to introduce facial recognition directly to the iPhone 8 body, but from the current pace of progress, it seems like a race against time. According to earlier news, Apple this year launched three iPhones:,iPhone7s, iPhone7s Plus and iPhone8. iPhone8 will use double glass and metal frame design style, and the whole glass shell will be the key to the application of wireless charging technology for iPhone. There will be no physical home button, it wil have an edge to edge design, a and borderless display embedded in Touch ID fingerprint sensor and camera. Because iPhone8 will be an unprecedented upgrade in the iPhone family, in terms of design, configuration, screen, shape and so on. So this can increase the cost of the iPhone8, which makes the iPhone8 final price 1000 dollars.

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In addition, Apple’s internal memo mentioned that due to the September release and sale of the upcoming iphone, the after sales staff should not take a leave between September 17 and November 4 to provide smooth after sales services. So it is safe to say that the launch of iPhone 7 will be somewhere around September 17.

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