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Internet.org comes to Pakistan

Jun 2, 2015 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Mark Zuckerberg started his multi billion dollars’ worth venture with a vision of bringing the world together to be well-connected and communicated. Though his vision has seen development and expansion as very few visions do, yet his famous business venture has come to a halt for some time as it had seen its apex or had seen what some ordinary minds Population_pyramid_of_Facebook_users_by_agethought its apex was, but Mark is no ordinary human being for no ordinary mind can achieve such success and glory at such a young age.

No one can possibly exaggerate the importance and value Facebook has made for itself over the past few years in our lives. Overlooking its other so many uses and applications in our lives we can summarize it to its prime purpose, which actually was its inception, to connect. It indeed is performing this task with supreme efficiency as it can boast of an amazing number of 1.44 billion people as its active users monthly.
As hinted already in the beginning we are going to talk about a breakthrough in the world of telecommunication, internet and communication which is actually a feat to be accredited to Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg’ s vision of bringing the people together on a platform on which they can interact well.


Optimists say that every third person is connected through internet and can go online. Opportunists on the other hands say that why not grab those other two third too. Now people may call me harsh on calling them opportunists rather than philanthropists but that’s how I see it and as it’s my blog so I’m going to write what I want. So, how are we going to do that? How are we getting those two-thirds online? The answer to that is another question. Why are those two-thirds of the world population not on the internet? We have simple answers to this question. Because the data packets are expensive for the people. Networks are not supportive or perhaps mobile networks are not as many as the demand requires. Of course if internet access becomes a choice to be made out of monthly ration supplies or medical expenditures, then it would be a luxury not many can afford, but what if someone turns this luxury into a need that they facilitate the people with, totally free. This is going to mark a leap that is going to plunge us deep into the future years ahead, where everyone can be considered connected with everyone. This is what Facebook has initiated and done for us.
Now the question may pop up in your mind that then how are things going to work if we are paying no money? I mean this world runs on money. If you are not paying for it then who is? So the answer to this is yes, it is being paid for, by the content provider which in our case is Facebook. Facebook started some time ago and by now it has partnered with telecom companies of Indonesia, Ghana, Zambia, Bangladesh and many more.
Now, iternet.org comes to Pakistan. Coming to Pakistan Facebook chose Telenor for collaboration for its “internet.org” initiative. It makes Pakistan the sixth country on the list of countries with this enterprise. The list extends to a 100. In an event attended by the top posts of Telenor and representatives from Facebook, internet.org was launched with access to 17 websites. Telenor high officials like the CEO Michael Foley, Deputy CEO Irfan Wahab and Vice President Aslam Hayat were present at the event which convinces one of the importance of this initiative for everyone including the telecom company. It is important here to mention the websites available for use to the users of this service.
1. Facebook
2. Telenor Mobile Portal
3. AccuWeather
4. Babycenter & MAMA
5. BBC News
6. Bing
7. ESPN Cricinfo
8. Facts for Life
9. Girl Effect
10. IlmkiDunya
11. Malaria No More
12. Mustakbil
13. OLX
14. Telenor News
15. UrduPoint Cooking
16. Wikipedia
17. BBC Urdu
<a href="efd711a7f37864f15f03dc2288469232d3674b59“>Facebook_Internet_Org_01
As internet.org comes to Pakistan, this service has indeed given Telenor a new showpiece to display in their showcase and its customers something unique from others, but the officials at telenor say that it’s not a business proposition. Rather it’s a way to get more people to get connected with each other.
Michael Foley’s words at the auspicious occasion were, “We are delighted to introduce the Internet.org initiative in Pakistan today with a host of useful online services including health, education, finance, news, information and job portals etc. for our millions of customers all over the country. This will provide them with greater access to relevant local and international content.”
Telenor customers are though very delighted with this attractive and exciting service yet seem irritated by the fact that this service allows you just these websites (listed above) whereas the beauty of the internet is its limitlessness. This service is gaining appreciation all over the country and people are loving it. Let’s hope Facebook and telecom companies keep bringing us good stuff like this.

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