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Intel Tackles ME Bugs With Firmware Patches

Nov 21, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

The chip maker Intel is trying to get a handle on the security issues that security researchers recently found deep in the company’s chips.Part of the bugs should now be able to be defused, at least by firmware updates – but that is not easy and how many users have been affected yet has not been estimated.

Intel ME Bugs

The bugs we are dealing with are deeply hidden in the Intel Management Engine (ME). These cannot be exploited easily. However, hackers have been able to penetrate deeper into the ME and develop concepts that could ultimately make exploits possible. If the bugs are exploited in the future by malicious attackers, it can be dangerous.

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Intel has responded but claims to the recent releases and internally have tests carried out.As a result, various errors could now be confirmed. The result of this is now the Security Advisory ” Intel-SA-00086 “, which was classified as critical. However, this is not associated with downloadable patches.

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The bugs that should be prevented by firmware updates are found in many products that are equipped with Intel chips that have been released in the last two years. The bugs cover virtually the entire range of processors from the expensive Xeon CPUs for servers to the cheap Celeron and Atom chips, which are also used in large quantities in embedded systems.

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Accordingly, it is only possible here that the respective hardware manufacturers react to Intel’s instructions and issue updates with which the patches are distributed. That should not be too big a problem when it comes to chips that are used in servers, PCs, and notebooks. But if it goes beyond that, it will be more difficult. Because only a few users of embedded systems can usually be made to perform updates. And that is only if the manufacturers issue such an update, which is quite rare, especially in the low-cost segment.


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