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Intel To Release Ice Lake Soon

Jun 10, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Apparently, Intel is not too happy about Qualcomm Snapdragon and AMD processors which are in full force these days. Intel is going to start shipping its 10nm Ice Lake processors soon.

Intel Ice Lake Processor

Intel released official news that the first generation  10nm processor Cannon Lake has been completed, while Intel stressed that the second generation of 10nm processor Ice Lake has also completed the final design. Although Intel 10nm  performance details are not clear yet, according to earlier Intel’s resources, this should be Kaby Lake’s architecture’s upgraded version. It should be noted that the first generation based on 10nm processor Cannon Lake processor has been completed, but for shipment, we will have to to wait until the end of this year, Most shipments will be made in the first half of the next year. Cannon Lake is a low-power processor, suitable for 2-in-1 notebooks. In addition, Intel also accidentally exposed the flagship eighth generation of Core this year. No mention was made about Coffee Lake, which is the fourth 14nm CPU series which is expected later this year. Two wave products might be released next year, starting from the K series High-end models, 4-core, 6-core models, TDP up to 95W, there are 65W models, with Z370 chipset. Early next year more models will be introduced, covering 2 nuclear, 4 nuclear, and 6 nuclear markets. TDP also covers 95W, 65W and 35W, with 300 series chipset. The Coffee Lake-S in the 6-core 12-threaded processor will have a 6-core 6-thread processor.

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Because of manufacturing difficulties in 2015, Intel had to delay Cannon Lake’s launch. It introduced a third family of CPU made on the 14nm process instead. This is how Kaby Lake was born.

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