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Intel Presents Its Prototype For A 5G PC Ahead Of The MWC

Feb 23, 2018 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Intel held a presentation ahead of MWC 18 (Mobile World Congress 18) scheduled to be held in Barcelona, Spain from February 25. Rob Topol, General Manager, 5G Business / Technology Division, Communication / Device Business Unit, Intel, said, “Intel is committed to bringing mobile PCs with communication capabilities compatible with 5G to Dell, HP, Lenovo”. The company is developing it in collaboration with Microsoft. The product will be put into the market in the second half of 2019. The company has plans to launch a mobile PC with 5G built in the market in the latter half of 2019 in cooperation with industry partners.

Intel 5Gintel 5g

In this MWC 18, 5G, which is a new standard for mobile phone lines planned and commercial products to be launched in 2019, becomes a big theme. In the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP), which is the conference to formulate the standard of the mobile phone line, standardization was completed with the 5G standard called 5GNR (NR = New Radio) as 3GPP and it released on 15 December of last year (2017). And in 2019 it is expected that 5G commercial products corresponding to that will appear.

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Until now, these new communication technologies were first installed in smartphones and others, and it took quite some time until they were installed in PCs, but due to Intel’s efforts, 5G will be used for PCs too in 2019 The possibility that wireless communication will be installed has increased. The main feature of Intel’s MWC 18 is PC that is compatible with 5G. Last year, the company announced a 5 G modem for the client called the “XMM 8000” series, and its first product is also revealed to be “XMM 8060” to be launched in 2019.

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intel 5g

Rob Topol explained that Intel is demonstrating the concept model of a removable 2-in-1 type device compatible with 5G and demonstrating to actually communicate using 5G. According to Intel, 5G-compatible PCs adopted the Core i5 of the 8th generation processor (development codename: Kaby Lake Refresh, KBL-R) announced last August. It is said that it plans to play streaming video using 5G communication infrastructure.

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Intel is focusing on the development of 5G since last two years. 5G’s efforts were already started by the company and Intel has provided a 5G development environment. It is providing development partners “Intel 5G mobile trial platform” which is a 5G development environment. Even in Japan, NTT DoCoMo and a field trial were carried out last year, and the result has been steady, and it was the 5th runner for the client along with Qualcomm, the 4G generation champion.

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It has already been revealed that 5G has completed the first standardization in 3GPP, which is standardizing cellular phone lines in December of last year. Among the new technologies related to 5G, called 5 GNR, standardization of specification called NSA (Non StandAlone) has been completed, and it will surely be adopted for commercial products in 2019. At this MWC, the company is expected to demonstrate infrastructure such as modem and base station that correspond to such 5 GNR, and Intel’s presentation of this time is considered to be on the extension line.

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At the Winter Olympics currently held in Korea’s Pyeongchang, Intel has already demonstrated 5G Early prototype with partnership with South Korean telecommunications operator KT. The demonstration at Pyeongchang is not based on 5 GNR which is the standard specification of 5G but is called Pre 5 G which realized a part of the specification. It is a proprietary specification closed to the last within a communication carrier.It can not communicate with base stations and other devices, which is not compatible. 5G will be shifted to commercial in 2019 when products corresponding to 5 GNR regulated by standardized 3 GPP Release 15 are put into the market and will be conducted in Japan in 2020 At the Tokyo Olympic Games. A 5G commercial demonstration based on these will be done.

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intel 5g

By the year 2019, such 5 GNR will be operational in full scale. Intel is jointly developing the 5G PC implementation with OEM makers Dell, HP, Lenovo and Microsoft. In cooperation with Microsoft, Intel has been working on ACPC (Always Connected PCs), an Internet-connected PC equipped with an LTE modem, and perhaps the product on the extension of that will correspond to 5G .

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Intel explained only “Core processor + Intel modem” and does not explain what it will be specifically. As already mentioned, the XMM 8000 series was announced as a modem product compatible with 5G last November, as it is also clarified that the first product will be XMM 8060, it will probably be adopted .

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For PCs that handle more data than smartphones, the benefits received by 5G are considered to be greater than smartphones, so it is important to keep up with that trend. According to Intel, other than that, Intel also plans to release the IEEE 802.11ax, which attracts attention as a high-speed Wi-Fi standard, and the demonstration of eSIM implementation in Intel’s LTE modem.


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