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Intel Inside Program Has Been Shortened

Dec 12, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

For many years, ” Intel Inside” was the iconic marketing program of the largest PC processor manufacturer.But now the company wants to go back here neat, which should change the whole advertising in the PC area thoroughly.Because the grants for the hardware manufacturers were quite impressive.

Intel Inside

Whenever a manufacturer advertised PCs or notebooks, using the Intel Inside logo to pinpoint what kind of processor was in the device, there was a grant from Intel. The semiconductor company wants to reduce its spending but now by 40 to 60 percent, reported the US magazine CRN, citing industry circles.
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However, the cuts will also be recognizable to the consumer and the logo will appear less frequently. Intel also offered discounts on the program – especially for manufacturers who completely or in major product lines on processors of the competition waived. Again, there will be much lower benefits in the future, which should be passed through the sales prices directly to the users.

“We’ve heard that there will be big cuts in Intel’s marketing and channel programs,” the magazine quoted the top manager of a major Intel partner. He also wants to know that the financial resources are diverted to the group in other departments in which the PC market is not the focus. In part, resources should be used to strengthen the server business, for example, but in some cases, the savings should also be shifted directly to the profit side of the balance sheets.

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Intel confirmed to the magazine on demand that there will be quite some changes to the Intel Inside program. However, it is not yet clear how these will look exactly and how high any possible cuts could be. In any case, in view of the decreasing importance of the classic PC market, it has become clear that this will also be less taken into account in marketing. Somewhat surprising is the timing of the implementation of such plans – after all, the small competitor AMD has just returned impressive.


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