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Instagram Will Use Artificial Intelligence To Deal With Trolls Now

Jun 30, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

While in Italy an argument about a decision to make posts with advertising messages recognizable is going on, Instagram has now introduced something new. Instagram will now take help from Artificial Intelligence to activate a very special filter for comments.

Instagram Comments Filter

It is a tool that will automatically delete comments that contain insults, vulgarity, or simply trolling. The peculiarities of this option, which have been tested since last February, are different: all that will not allow the culprit to know that his intervention has been censored. An intelligent way to avoid further trails. The artificial intelligence at the base of this tool will also allow you to distinguish a word if you say in a friendly environment or not. Two million comments have been the “examined” over the last few months by this artificial intelligence, with the help of a human tutor. Instagram has stated that, to date, this system only records 1% of false positives, although it may be more interesting to have an estimate of “incriminated” comments that escape the attention of the ” brain “. In any case, since it is machine learning, control will be more accurate over the months. Instagram has made this feature available in English, in the coming months will also be supported for another 8 languages.

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The offensive comment filter will be on by default.  You will have the option of turning it off by going to settings but Instagram can still block some custom phrases and words.

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