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Instagram Hacks To Increase Search Engine Ranking

Oct 5, 2022 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Social media websites and platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are great for getting more traffic to your website. Instagram can help you improve your SEO. It is a great tool to increase awareness about your blog.

Instagram Hacks

Make Your Instagram Lifestyle Oriented

OK, so this may not suit all the niches. But, if you have a blog related to fashion, beauty, food, clothes or anything related to lifestyle, show people how those things can be a part of their lifestyle. Such posts are very popular on Instagram. People live through each other. Try to inspire people via your post. Give them lifestyle ideas. This way your Instagram will look more appealing. There will be more engagements. If people like enough of your posts, they will be compelled to visit your blog or website.

Host Competitions

Ever noticed how there are so many competitions and giveaways on Instagram. Well, they aren’t for nothing. Having giveaways is one of the best Instagram hacks. It works. Most giveaways require participants to follow the page and some even ask participants to ask a certain number of friends to follow. Asking people to tag their friends will also increase the engagement on that post. This is a very clever way of increasing followers. If you have a brand, giveaways will also increase brand awareness! You might think that giveaways will cost you money, but usually, giveaways more than makeup for their cost most of the time. Think about all of that traffic you will be getting.

Choose The Right Hashtags

Unlike Twitter, you are at liberty to use as many hashtags as you like on Instagram. It is a good idea to use trending hashtags or the hashtags that people usually use. Having your own hashtag is good but do not emphasize on it alone. You want to use hashtag which people are looking for. You can use websites like Websta to find out which hashtags are trending. But, a lot of people use the trending hashtag, so how will your post stand out? Use the SEO techniques. Narrow down the hashtag. Look how well it is doing. For instance, if the hashtag #juice is trending, you might be interested in seeing how well #orangejuice is doing.

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