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Four smartphones that make a much better price/performance purchase than Infinix Hot Note

Aug 5, 2015 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

As you all know, Infinix Hot Note has been making waves all over Pakistan; plastered in ads in providing smartphone consumers with an impressive mobile computing package, in a very affordable price tag. While we are not denying that Hot Note is an impressive handset for its price, we were able to dot down four smartphones that are much better than this handset in terms of both price and performance. Let us take a look at these handsets right away.

Some things you need to know about Infinix Hot Note before proceeding forward

In order to help you provide a fair comparison between price, performance and specifications, we have listed the smartphone’s in-depth detail concerning its hardware specifications. Please note that the hardware specifications have been researched thoroughly and have been detailed in order to help you make the best possible purchase.

  1. Chipset: Infinix Hot Note features a MediaTek MT6592 This chipset is normally present in mid-ranged smartphones to provide a nice combination between price and performance. However, if you are looking for pure performance, then look for handsets that feature MediaTek’s MT6752, MT6795 (more commonly known as Helio X10) or MT6797 (more commonly known as Helio X20 and features a powerful 10 core processor).
  2. Processor: Octa-core processor is not the only thing that determines performance and battery life. How old the processor is also plays a huge factor in its performance and efficiency, which automatically determines how much battery life you can get from your smartphone. Infinix Hot Note might feature an octa-core processor, but it is an older version of ARM’s lineup, Cortex-A7 (running at a clock speed of 1.4 GHz).
  3. GPU: Another deciding factor that determines gaming performance; the MT6592 chipset features Mali-400MP2 GPU. The GPU is once again quite an old one, and is present in mid-ranged handsets that deliver the best possible price/performance ratio to the user.
  4. Camera: Lots of people continue to ask the same old question ‘How many megapixels does the smartphone camera hold’? A smartphone could have a 100 megapixel camera, but its picture quality is going to be terrible if it features a low quality camera sensor.

Currently, there are three major players in the smartphone camera sensor market, Sony, OmniVision and Samsung and they are responsible for placing camera sensors in mobile devices. Just because a smartphone features a 16 MP camera with a low quality sensor does not mean it will be better than a camera sensor that has 8 megapixels but a very high-grade camera sensor. At the end of the day, it is the magic of the camera sensor that counts for your image and video quality.

Why do you think iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus cameras have been rated one of the very best camera smartphones in the world despite the fact that both of them only feature 8 MP ones? This is because they feature Sony’s impressive camera sensor tech. Now that we have got that out of the way, let us take a look at smartphones that would be a much better purchase than Infinix Hot Note.

Doogee Y100 Valencia

Four smartphones that make a much better price/performance purchase than Infinix Hot Note

Doogee has just entered Pakistan, and bytes.pk, an emerging e-commerce store will be selling them shortly. The store has gained tremendous amounts of popularity thanks to its very competitive prices. Doogee Y100 Valencia carries a pre-order price of 10,999/-, which is 2,000/- cheaper as compared to Infinix Hot Note and is already armed to the teeth with very impressive hardware.

How is Doogee Y100 Valencia better than Infinix Hot Note?

  1. Same chipset with an octa-core with a speed of 1.7 GHz (Hot Note has a 1.4 GHz octa-core)
  2. Better camera sensor resolution (Doogee Y100 Valencia has a 13 MP rear camera while Hot Note only has a 8 MP camera)
  3. Support for higher microSD card (up to 64 GB while Infinix Hot Note supports up to 32 GB)
  4. Price of 10,999/- (Hot Note has a price of 12,900/-)

Huawei Honor 4C

Four smartphones that make a much better price/performance purchase than Infinix Hot Note

For those of you who are unaware of this, Huawei just became the third largest smartphone maker in the world, trailing behind Apple and Samsung. While Honor 4C is more expensive than Infinix Hot Note, the differences between the two smartphones give fair justice to that price difference.

How is Huawei Honor 4C better than Infinix Hot Note?

  1. Much better chipset (Honor 4C features a Kirin 620 while Infinix Hot Note only features a MediaTek MT6592)
  2. More RAM (Honor 4C has twice the amount of RAM compared to Hot Note)
  3. Better camera sensor (Huawei Honor 4C has a 13 MP rear camera compared to Infinix Hot Note’s 8 MP one)

Lenovo A5000

Four smartphones that make a much better price/performance purchase than Infinix Hot Note

Being the largest PC maker in the world has not stopped Lenovo from tapping in to the smartphone market and making a name for itself in such a short time span. The company’s A5000 is slightly cheaper as compared to Infinix Hot Note, but it pretty much features the exact same specifications (expect for a different chipset and processor). Overall, this smartphone will be a much better purchase in our opinion.

Huawei Y550 (4G version)

Four smartphones that make a much better price/performance purchase than Infinix Hot Note

Another Huawei handset has become a part of our round-up. Huawei Y550 might be slightly more expensive as compared to Infinix Hot Note, but look at all the perks that you will be getting return. All of them have been listed below for your convenience.

How is Huawei Y550 better than Infinix Hot Note?

  1. Support for 4G connectivity (Infinix Hot Note does not feature a 4G modem inside its housing)
  2. Has twice the amount of RAM
  3. Snapdragon 410 easily trumps MT6592
  4. Better performing processors (This phone is running Cortex-A53 while Infinix Hot Note is running Cortex-A7)

After carefully looking at all the hardware specifications of Infinix Hot Note, we came up with the list of four smartphones that will easily prove to be the much better smartphone purchase. Our intention is not diminish the capability of Hot Note, but to provide consumers with a much better understanding concerning smartphones, their hardware and as to which product will be the much better purchase in terms of pricing. Do take a look at these handsets because they fit your price range and are worth your hard earned cash.

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