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Increase Google AdSense Earnings by Blocking Low CPC URL

Dec 4, 2016 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

How to increase Google AdSense Pay per click Earnings by Blocking URL?

Google AdSense pay per click is the Most popular CPC network. You can improve your Google AdSense earning by applying some easy tricks of Blocking URLs. After applying these techniques, you’ll find yourself making 15 times more money than before. If your website’s traffic is increasing constantly, it will definitely increase your CPC and AdSense Earning.

Google AdSense is the best network for Advertiser, why?

Google has its own policy for AdSense. If you don’t follow this policy, Google will ban your account in seconds. But this isn’t hard to manage an AdSense account for a long time. You just take care of little things e.g. backlinks, links and some copyright issues but one of the major problem is illegal clicks. Mostly new bloggers do exchange of their links which is harmful for your AdSense account.

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Organic traffic is the best method to rise your AdSense earning but there are other ways also to increase your CPC AdSense.

Increase Your Google AdSense Pay per click Earning:

You may try some different things like following.

  1. Go to your AdSense account
  2. Now click on “Allow and block Ads”. You have multiple options for blocking different types of Ads. You can see General category-> sensitive -> Advertiser URL
  3. Here you see that you can block Ads according to their category. Like if you have a showroom for cars, you shouldn’t place Ads like 30% OFF sale of T-shirts etc. You have to allow only relevant Ads on your blog to increase your AdSense earning
  4. There’s a box for advertiser URL, paste the URLs you want to block and click on block URLs.
Increase your AdSense earning by blocking URLs

Increase your AdSense earning by blocking URLs

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Benefits of Blocking URLS

If you’ll block advertisements of low-paying advertisers, you definitely increase your AdSense revenue and earnings by focusing on relevant high paid URLS. For all Google AdSense competitors, it’s impossible to target high paying keywords so by blocking these low-paid CPC URLS, Google AdSense earning pay per click will be increased. Below is the list of low paid URLS.

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You should block following URLs to increase Google AdSense earnings

  1. 10-bestsites.com
  2. 10-top-sites.com
  3. 101soho.com
  4. 10sites.com
  5. 12-bestsites.com
  6. 12-topsites.com
  7. 1click.com
  8. 1homeshopping.info
  9. 1s.md
  10. 1st-free-article.com
  11. 1st-home-business.com
  12. 1st-lingerie.net
  13. 1st-portal.net
  14. 1step1.info
  15. 2020ok.com
  16. 25-bestsites.com
  17. 2itb.com
  18. 3-sites.com
  19. 4-you.com
  20. 5-top-sites.com
  21. 7-bestsites.com
  22. 8-bestsites.com
  23. 8-topsites.com
  24. 8-topwebsites.com
  25. 8-bestsites.com
  26. 8-topsites.com
  27. 8-topsitespro.com
  28. 9-topsites.com
  29. aavalue.com
  30. acne.com
  31. advancedwebsearch.info
  32. all-free-info.com
  33. allcoolmusic.com
  34. allinformationabout.com
  35. allpspgames.com
  36. alltheautomotive.com
  37. alltheindustrials.com
  38. amazon.co.uk
  39. amazon.com
  40. angelfire.com
  41. answerstoday.com
  42. aprido.com
  43. aptmicro.com
  44. arcaderockstar.com
  45. areavoices.com
  46. articlescafe.com
  47. ask.com
  48. at.com
  49. atdmt.com
  50. best-healthcare.com
  51. best3websites.com
  52. best4sites.net
  53. best4solutions.com
  54. best5online.com
  55. best7sites.com
  56. best8sites.org
  57. bestautosites.net
  58. bestcomputingsites.com
  59. bestcraftsites.net
  60. besthomegardensites.net
  61. bestpicture.org
  62. bestringtonesoffer.com
  63. bestsportingsites.com
  64. bestwebdiscounts.com
  65. bestwebpix.com
  66. bestwebpix.net
  67. big.com
  68. blinkbits.com
  69. blinkweb.com
  70. blogetery.com
  71. bloghi.com
  72. blogreaction.com
  73. blogstream.com
  74. blurty.com
  75. business-wiz.com
  76. business.net
  77. buymp3music.info
  78. chasingstuff.com
  79. chosenresult.com
  80. click.com
  81. clobo.com
  82. commerce-database.com
  83. compare-to-choose.com
  84. compendianet.com
  85. consumerincentivepromotions.com
  86. consumersearch.com
  87. coolringtones.com
  88. coolstartpages.com
  89. cv2006.biz
  90. dbmoz.net
  91. dbmoz.org
  92. dealsandoffers4u.com
  93. dealtime.co.uk
  94. devhub.com
  95. dexigner.com
  96. digg4it.com
  97. ebay.com
  98. ebay.co.uk
  99. ebay.com.au
  100. downloads.net

Extended List of 665 ads URL you may want to block

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Block all above URLS from your AdSense account which helps you to increase your CPC earning. Do share how much increase in earning you observed. Happy Blogging 🙂 

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