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Impressions by People

Aug 27, 2015 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Impression is a word which we carry in our mind all the time, especially when we  go out and meet different people either when enrolling into a new school or college, interviewing for  a job, or being interviewed because of marriage reasons.


It can be anything at all, while making new friends or even when meeting relatives. People have different opinions about us every time we meet them and we have different opinions or impressions about others when they meet us. We dress up, wear the most fashionable clothes, carry the latest handbags and accessories why? Because we want others to have a good impression about us, we want others to know that we are fashionable and we have a good standard of living. Especially for young girls when going out for dates, they are very keen to develop this impression of being “hot” in front of their boys.

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A lot of people not only in our society but even abroad, base their judgments or their decisions exclusively on the looks without even thinking about the family, educational, or financial backgrounds. For girls, some people have this image in their minds of being thin, petite and fair that’s the typical Pakistani mindset. In some cases if a girl’s fair, guys will opt for her even if she’s not intelligent or smart. It’s this impression in people’s mind that fair girls are pretty which I believe is wrong. We can’t lead our lives just by concentrating on looks; there are other factors as well. Our looks cannot reveal much about us, so other factors should always be taken into consideration in all situations. Apart from this, especially in our Pakistani society our parents train us by reminding us to be good to others in order to develop a good image about ourselves in other people’s eyes. The term “other people” is always emphasized no matter what. Our parents always step forward in order to guide us to be good to others, to treat others fairly, to dress up so that we look good and also to develop good habits and manners even if we are not getting the same treatment in return. I’m taking my own example here, in my own house my mom always makes sure we are well dressed up and the house is perfectly clean and organized when there are people coming in because she wants to set a good example about us and our family. On the other hand, I am too relaxed and I don’t care much about what people say or think. But since I’ve been hearing this from the time I was young, even when she’s not around I  dress up and fix things myself because I’ve been trained that way. She always says that the first impression is the last impression”. In some cases I agree the first impression is the last impression, of-course if people see a messy house or even us being in a messy state they won’t have a good impression about us. But with relationships I believe the first impression can be very misleading sometimes. First impressions are more like snap shots on which we base our judgments which I think is wrong. One should take time when meeting new people. But sometimes we just can’t help it, we still have this image of others in mind and we follow that even if we don’t want to.


So I believe in order to survive in this society of today, always make sure you are prim and proper at all times and you treat others in such a way that they automatically start admiring you or your personality no matter what the reason maybe.


Do let me Know your feedback on this, comment box is always open, i would love to read your comment and reply.


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