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The Importance of Device-Free Time

Apr 13, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

What is the first thing you do after getting up? What is the last thing you do before sleeping? If your answer is checking your phone, then we have a problem here. But do not worry, yet. Most people in the world seem to be afflicted with this problem. We are so hooked to electronic devices. We are either on our tablets, our laptops, our desktops, or on our phone. We have forgotten what it was like to have a device-free time.

Benefits of Device-Free Timedevice-free time

Going Device Free Encourages  Handwriting.

Researchers at Princeton and UCLA have released a report which says students who write things manually usually perform better than students who write notes electronically. Teachers should encourage their students to jot things manually rather than electronically. For an experiment, divide your class into two groups. Ask one to write things manually, and ask the other to use electronic devices. Test them and compare the results to see the difference!

Unplugging Gets People to  Talk to Each Other

Aren’t we slowly becoming people who communicate more with written words than using our voices? Why do we talk to people online instead of talking to people who are sitting with us? Why have phones become a way to avoid people? This practice is harming our relationships, social skills, and communication skills! It is the worst for teenagers and kids because they have grown up with technology! They are more accustomed to talking with people online than talking to people face to face? Social skills are essential for long-term success. The loss of 2-way conversations can be the cause of language delays and it can hurt social skills. Try to limit the use of phones in the classroom. Try to keep your phone in your pocket or bag when you are in a social gathering. Do not escape behind your phone!

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Unplugging Makes Your People Look at You

When you are in a social gathering, do you look at people or do you stare at phones? When talking to someone do you give them your full attention, r are you busy responding to tweets on your phone? Don’t you think it is a bit rude? It is especially bad in classrooms where students focus on their phones more than they focus on their teachers and what is being taught. Giving undivided attention to teachers in classrooms is very important. Use of electronic devices should be strictly banned in classrooms. People should also learn to keep their phones inside while in a social gathering like a party or a dinner.

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Device Free Time Is Challengingdevice-free time

Don’t we all just hate it when the internet is down? It is like our whole life has been stopped. After complaining about it for a few minutes, what do we do? We find something else to get busy. Isn’t that great? Attachment to our devices is an addiction that we must get rid of. Try to devote one day in a week, preferably on the weekend, where you will not use any electronic device. Observe the changes that this brings in you!

Unplugging Makes Us Think Outside the Box

We are so dependent on technology. We turn to Google for the simplest of tasks. It’s like our brain has been taken over. We no longer feel the need to think or innovate as Google has most of the answers. Teachers should encourage students to be innovative and creative. Students should be taught t become resourceful. They should be encouraged to come up with their own solutions to problems rather than relying on search engines. Device-free time can encourage people to think more. Try to find the answers to your everyday questions yourself every day before ‘googling’ them. Do not let your brain rust by relying on technology more than you need to!

Unplugging Improves Emotional Intelligence Quotients

Technology is such an important part of our daily lives that we have forgotten about the other options available, such as common sense, problem-solving, and reading human emotions. A study has shown that students not exposed to technology are a lot better at reading human emotion. Excess use of technology is making us lose our empathy. We have forgotten to connect with people on an emotional level. Try to develop a habit of reading. Read about every day problems in newspapers and magazines.

Device-Free Time Calms the Mind

Our brains reboot when we unplug, studies have shown. Technology addiction can adversely affect the brain. When we are constantly on our devices, all our brain thinks about is the next message or the next notification. We keep our brain engaged constantly. When our phone is silent, we constantly worry about missing a call. We have programmed our brain to be respondent to electronic devices at all time, we are not giving it anytime to relax. We are alert all the time for a notification. Try to have an hour every day when you avoid all electronic devices. Engage yourself in something else instead like a good book.unplug

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Device-Free Time Can Get You More Vitamin D

What do we do when our phone is not working or the internet is not working? We get bored, and we go out! When we go out, we get more Vitamin D. The sun is the main source of vitamin D as there are next to none dietary sources of vitamin D. Doctors are prescribe outdoor time to some patients so that they get their dose of vitamin D. Vitamin D deficiency can cause a host of problems such as diabetes and heart disease. Nearly 50 percent of the population has a Vitamin D deficiency. Try to spend more time outdoors. Go for a walk. Go to parks. Teachers should conduct lessons outside of the classroom sometime.


Go device-free!

Unplugging Improves You Relationship With the World

What do we do when we go out to beautiful places to spend some quality time with the ones we love? We get on our phones to take pictures. Instead of actually enjoying that place, we take pictures on our phone! Instead of talking with friends and family, we tell strangers on Instagram about our trip. Isn’t of sharing our experience with the people we know, we blog about it! Everything is becoming about the internet! We are compromising our real world relationships because of the internet! Try to live in the moment when you go somewhere! Instead of snap chatting and Instagramming, try to live experiences and enjoy them. Talk to people you go on trips with instead of engaging with your phone! This will make everything more enjoyable, and also improve your relationships.

Better Sleep

Is your phone stealing away hours from your sleep? Do you stay up till late to check and recheck all your social media accounts for no reason at all? Does sleep deficiency make you feel tired and lazy in the morning? It is said that use of all electronic devices should be stopped hours before bedtime for a peaceful sleep. When we expose ourselves to devices at bedtime, we keep our brain alert and awake. This only keeps us awake. Make it a habit to stop the use of all electronic devices 1 hour before bedtime. Switch off your wifi to ensure you do not reach for your phone when you hit the bed!

Better Eating Habits

What do we do when the food is good? We post it on Instagram. Have we forgotten to enjoy a good meal? Most of us use our phones while eating. This can give birth to unhealthy eating habits like chewing your food less before swallowing. Meal times should be device-free times. Make it a resolution to keep your phone away from the table. Make mealtimes fun and enjoyable. Talk with friends and family while having lunch or dinner.

Better Eyesight

Prolonged and continuous use of mobile phones and other electronic devices can harm your eyesight. Have some device-free hours in the day to give your eyes some rest. If you use a computer while at work, take a five minutes break every 25 minutes. Do some eye exercise like palming or looking away at that time. Do not let devices make you harm your eyesight.

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Device-free time is such an alien concept now. People are glued to their phones 24/7. We are passing down these habits to kids who learn from us. People should be encouraged to go device-free. Do not get addicted to your devices, use them only when you need to.

Are you hooked to your laptop/phone/tablet? Are you looking for a way to break this addiction? Let us know in the comments below!

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