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Jul 26, 2015 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

The beguiling curves on radiant red body with shining lucid glasses, serving thousands daily to reach their destination easily, by offering smooth mushy seats, cool air conditioned environment and reasonable ticket prize. The description is yelling you to make an image of perfectly designed red buses running on the roads of Lahore, Islamabad and Rawalpindi; yes you spot it right, the Metro Buses.

These grand alluring buses are endeavoring so hard to convince a common man that Pakistan is developing—making the life of Pakistanis prosperous. The shining under passes with glittering lights are also screaming to make you believe that they are playing fundamental role in development of Pakistan. These projects surely accord the citizens to ease their daily life, deplete their mental and physical agony of travelling, but if one thinks that these materialistic developments are evolving Pakistan towards a developed nation, then this argument are not so true.

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A heart rending picture I saw few months ago— a man in Lahore travelling on a bicycle on a shining furnished road— was carrying his entire family on that bicycle, all of them were enjoying that flat, unwrinkled road on that one cycle. It was a great gift for them—a boon that ends up all their problems of life—the present, that fills their tummy and bestows them all the prerequisites of this onerous life.

The basic necessities of life, the food— clean water— quality education and fundamental health facilities are being ignored blatantly, and these alluring transport systems, which include these radiant attractive buses, gleaming underpasses and furnished bridges, are being highly aggrandized. These projects serves as the development in communication system of Pakistan only, which is also important, but human development is the core issue which should be addresses with full avidity.

The facts of poverty in Pakistan are gloomy, adequate to boggle the minds of Pakistanis who think that these materialistic developments are enough for Pakistan to attain its mammoth targets in the World.

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The irony of fate — about 62% Pakistanis, the rural population, do not even get these materialistic projects, they are left to enjoy those blemished roads; no enticing vehicles are there to serve them!

The children of rural areas are so lucky to enjoy the company of donkeys in their schools, those barren beds in the hospitals also serve them with full gusto and the justice is something which reaches their home within no time.

The dowry is taking lives today also; the nomadic dogs are deployed to get their targets, when one fails to return the owed money. From patriarchy to chauvinism, all these social facets are depicting a resentful image of developing Pakistan.

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About 50% Pakistanis, earning 2$ per day, are below the poverty line, the ranking of Pakistan on the basis of Human Development Index is 146. We have been spot at 141 out of 142 countries in gender equality; the literacy rate is 58%—far too below.

These startling facts are shrieking that socially we are not evolving, not even there is any betterment in it .If one believes that without social development we can compete the modern world, then it can be a dream of a fawning optimist, but too far from pragmatism. The social thriving will automatically bestow materialistic development, but this physical modeling of Pakistan will not bear any aspired results for this great land of Pakistan.

The social evolution is real nurturing of Pakistan, while corporeal developments are just new cloths on an ill body.

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