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Huawei Honor View 10 Review: Strong On Most Fronts

Mar 5, 2018 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Review Honor View 10 (V10) – In December 2017, a little surprise and in advance of the usual roadmap, Honor presented to the press his new top of the range Honor View 10 (V10),   with a decidedly aggressive price if we consider the average of the devices launched last year.

Huawei Honor View 10 Review

Despite the price you need to pay particular attention to this smartphone, we must premise that the device in question comes in a period of transition, during which the top of the range of 2017 are at prices much more affordable than the launch, while those of 2018 they have not been presented yet.This is why it is particularly important to analyze this device under different aspects in our Honor View 10 review (V10).

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The processor of Honor View 10 (V10) is a Huawei Kirin 970 with NPU able to perform artificial intelligence algorithms such as recognition of the scene in the use of the camera, so the smartphone goes to meticulously adjust the parameters.

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The Kirin 970 is accompanied by 6GB of RAM and 128GB of internal expandable memory that our benchmark turns out to be of type UFS 2.1. All this translates into responsiveness at the highest levels and a smartphone that will be able to perform daily operations with so much speed and immediacy, in short, it will not disappoint you from this point of view even with the heaviest apps.

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The gaming is pleasant and always fluid with Real Racing 3, among other things, the smartphone has a function called Game Suite that allows you to activate the performance mode and do not automatically disturb during gaming, as well as blocking the navigation keys, all not to affect the gaming experience.

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The connectivity is on par with the top of the range of 2018, it takes well in any condition and the audio in the capsule is always clear and clear.Unfortunately, Bluetooth is only 4.2 but we have, thankfully, the support to the OTG and the ability to insert two SIM in dual standby, with the always excellent management of EMUI.

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One of the aspects of Honor View 10 (V10) which is initially striking is its thickness of only 7 mm, this in terms of design and aesthetics is a positive factor, not the same as for ergonomics: the smartphone is 75 mm wide and is completely in aluminum, which means that it could easily escape from your hands, so be careful to use it without a cover.

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The blue color is, as always, beautiful. On the front has the classic iridescent treatment present on the latest Honor tops of the range, the back and the edge, however, are opaque. Small note about the two protruding cameras: there is not a single module that comes out from the body and this could be annoying to the eye, the same applies to the asymmetry of the USB Type-C and the 3.5 mm jack at the bottom . Unfortunately, the smartphone has no certification against water and dust.

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The power button is on the right, considering the size of the device can not be reached in a very simple, but it does not matter, Honor View 10 (V10) is one of the very few smartphones with 18: 9 display and fingerprint sensor placed in the front.

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The unlocking method in question is without a doubt the quickest and most immediate, there is no comparison with the release on the back or with the facial ones. The button in question, among other things, can also be used to move within the system through gestures, going to delete the navigation bar and taking advantage of the entire display to view content.

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The facial unlocking is currently not active, according to Honor will arrive in the first quarter of 2018, at this time the only usable function is that which shows notifications only to the owner of the smartphone thanks to the recognition of the face.

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One of the points of greatest interest in the review of Honor View 10 (V10) is certainly the display: we have an 18: 9 unit that allows you to have reduced edges around the screen and a narrow and long shape, so as to be quite manageable even if the diagonal of the panel is 5.99 inches.

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We are facing an IPS LCD with FullHD + resolution: quality is a classic display from top of the range with this technology, excellent brightness and visibility under sunlight, well-calibrated colors and white with the right temperature, blacks to be reviewed.

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Clearly not as good as one of the best OLEDs, LCDs have made their time on top of the range, also because Huawei with Mate 10 Pro has shown to have made big steps forward from this point of view. We find the “full screen view” feature that allows you to adapt apps that are not optimized for 18: 9 displays and display them in full screen.

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The sound is good, comes from a single speaker on the lower edge, probably due to the thickness the bass is not very present and the volume is not very high, in short, there is better around this price range.

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Honor View 10 (V10) has a highly respectable photographic industry with a 16MP RGB main sensor and f / 1.8 aperture and a 20MP black and white secondary. In the daytime the shots show a very high level of detail, scene always at best with a good management of the lights and shadows, from time to time there is a little ‘difficulty compared to more noble smartphone in this sense with details slightly burned.

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What has made us turn up a bit ‘nose is the dynamic range and color reproduction, if during the day and outdoors we do not have major problems from this point of view, indeed we are very close to the top, when the light begins to There is a clear difference: with low light the colors tend to flatten out, little saturated and very far from reality, the thing is even more evident in the evening outdoors.

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