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HP Recalls Notebook Batteries

Jan 5, 2018 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Overheating batteries are not just a problem with smartphones.HP has now launched a major recall program for a range of notebook models that shipped with faulty power storage.Whether your device is affected, you can find out here.

HP Battery Recall

In view of HP’s previous remarks, however petty they may be, it is highly recommended that owners of the models in question participate in the exchange program. Just the fact that the company is starting to provide replacement worldwide without much pressure from outside indicates that you expect more damage if you do not start the replacement immediately.
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The procedure goes pretty well with the laptops, which are now quite rare, and where the battery can be easily removed. Here, the manufacturer only has to press the respective module into the customer’s hand and ask him to send in the old component after the change. For the users, this is very convenient because they have no downtime in the availability of their computer.

It gets more difficult with the now dominant devices, where the battery is firmly installed.Here, an authorized technician must lend a hand, so that, for example, the warranty does not expire – or even the entire system is damaged by improper battery internals. To protect users who just can not do without their computer for a few days, HP helps with a BIOS update. After its installation, the system can be switched to a “Battery Safety Mode”, in which the battery is virtually bypassed and only power is drawn from the power supply.

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The affected model series are listed below in an overview. Anyone who is unsure about the callback request can also download the HP Battery Program Validation Utility from HP, which compares the manufacturer’s local hardware and databases.

series Affected models
ProBook HP ProBook 640 G2
HP ProBook 645 G2
HP ProBook 650 G2
HP ProBook 655 G2
HP ProBook 640 G3
HP ProBook 645 G3
HP ProBook 650 G3
HP ProBook 655 G3
ZBOOK HP ZBook 17 G3
HP ZBook 17 G4
HP ZBook Studio G3
x360 HP x360 310 G2
Pavilion 32/64 GB internally
HP Pavilion x360
Envy HP ENVY m6
11 HP 11 Notebook PC


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