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HP Has Been Accused Of Installing Spyware On Its Computers

Nov 28, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Just over two years ago, there was a big scandal around Lenovo: The Chinese manufacturer had installed adware on their laptops, without pointing the owners of the hardware to this “service”.Recently, Lenovo has paid a million dollar penalty.A similar case seems to be the case with HP.

HP Spyware

In February 2015, there were first reports of the Superfish or VisualDiscovery called Lenovo adware, these manipulated Google search results, without the user’s knowledge. Lenovo paid a $ 3.5 million fine in the US last September, but the manufacturer refused, until recently, to accept this as a guilty verdict.

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HP seems to have watched pretty closely here because according to a report by Computer World, the US manufacturer has installed a telemetry client called HP Touchpoint Analytics Client on their clients’ computers and explicitly asked for permission without them.

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The software, which was also discovered by Günter Born, was first spotted on November 15 and is expected to replace the previous HP Touchpoint Manager solution. According to the official description, the software includes various tools that are designed to increase the security of all managed devices and to reassure the user accordingly.

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The problem is, however, that the software is installed unasked and probably causes problems. The client obviously makes for a much higher system load, according to a complaint in the HP forum starts and stops the driver constantly countless applications. It is also currently unknown how the software is installed, as an option on Windows Update or the HP support assistant.

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Although it is relatively easy to uninstall the HP Touchpoint Analytics Client, in times of repeated privacy scandals it is probably not a smart idea to “bless” users with telemetry software. An official statement from HP is so far not available.


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