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How to survive Summer!

Jun 22, 2015 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

The current heat wave that hit the cities and plains of the country, this summer has left the nation devastated and distressed. Using the word left would not be suitable as this monster of a weather is still on our heads and posing serious threat to our daily life routines. The shocking number of deaths in the mega city Karachi in just a couple of days by this horrible heat is terrifying and urges us  all the more to be careful and precautious, this summer. As harmless the sun may look sitting in the comfort of our homes, in air conditioned rooms, the people who are exposed to the sun like office going people, school going students and workers need to get serious to take it on themselves to fight this threat. I have summed up together some tips and ways to fight this summer and remain healthy in a brief list.

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Wear Light

We are going to start with the wear of our summers first. You might remember studying in primary schools about how dark and light colors play their roles in conduction and radiation. So when we enter this weather become careful about the color you wear. Wear lighter colors and most preferably white dresses. Apart from the color be careful about the material. Cotton is going to be a good option.

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We need not tell you about the importance of fluid intake in this summer. Most causes of death in the severe weather has been found due to dehydration of patients. So drink, drink and drink. Be ahead of your thirst. Drink even if you are not thirsty.

<img src="http://www.thenextrex.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/How-to-Control-Sweat-and-Body-Odor-During-Summer-8.jpg" alt="How-to-Control-Sweat-and-Body-Odor-During-Summer-8">


Feel thirsty, see a coke.  Can’t stop your hand and down goes a bottle. You might feel hydrated after the drink and satisfied that you have taken some good fluid intake. Let me tell you these caffeinated drinks actually take out the moisture from you and leave the body dehydrated.

Use Water

We all know about the cooling power of water. Use water soaked towels and bandanas and put them around your head and your shoulders. We have studied the cooling effect produced by evaporation. So a wet towel or cloth may feel heavenly in the scorching sun.

Live downstairs

Hot air always rises up. So when summer comes you better run downstairs. There are two reasons. Firstly as the hot air rises, cooler air fills lower floors. Secondly as the sun directly falls on the upper floors so it shields the lower floors from the direct intensity of heat.


Be careful about what you eat. Protein high foods can cause health issues in summer. In local terms, the food can cause heat inside the body. A good thing to add to your diet can be berries which are rich in antioxidants.

Air Circulation

Air circulation can be an important factor to keep you going through the summer. Box fans and reverse revolving fans can be employed to push the hot air out of your room and lowering your room’s temperature.


I hope this little guide helps you. Try to follow these little advices and suggestions and you can avoid the adverse effects of this weather


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