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Head Of Bitcoin Exchange Exmo Abducted!

Dec 30, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

The huge increases in the value of bitcoins and the popularity of the cryptocurrency have made the people involved a lucrative target for criminals.Pavel Lerner, head of Bitcoin Exchange Exmo, was deported to Ukraine in a film like on Tuesday.


The 40-year-old had just left the office when several masked men dragged him into a black Benz. According to a report by the BBC, the local police confirmed that there had been a kidnapping, but did not elaborate on the circumstances or the victim. It was pointed out that the case was under investigation and the public would be informed in due course of further details.
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Lerner is a recognized expert on blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies and is well known in the Bitcoin scene in particular. The reactions to the abduction were correspondingly shaken. Currently, it is still completely unclear what the exact background of the act.However, there is some evidence that the perpetrators are trying to get at the extremely lucrative currency units.

This is supported by the fact that on Thursday Exmo announced that it had become the target of attacks. The perpetrators may have tried to squeeze information from the kidnap victim. In the best case, one could, of course, expect the access data to the servers here. However, as stated by stock exchange agents, it simply did not belong to Lerner’s job at Exmo to know the access data for the storage systems. Even on the accounts of customers, the boss had no direct access. Accordingly, the kidnappers could not expect to be led by their victim to the treasure chests. Whether this promotes a quick release, however, is doubtful.


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