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Hackers Execute Homebrew Code On Nintendo Switch

Nov 18, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Even the latest console of the Japanese company Nintendo brings some vulnerabilities.Some hackers have now managed to run their own code with an exploit and a specific firmware on the device.Nevertheless, the Nintendo Switch could not yet be completely cracked.

Nintendo Switch

According to an own statement, the hacker Cody Brocious has successfully attacked the Nintendo Switch so that a homebrew application could be executed. Homebrew is a software not provided by the manufacturer itself but by hackers for use on the console.Currently, the exploit can only be with the firmware version 3.0.0. of the console. Thus, playing current titles like “Super Mario Odyssey” is not possible.

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The hacker has managed with a trick to install the required firmware version on his console.The software is supplied directly on the game card of the game “Pokken Tournament DX”.However, downgrading from more recent version does not work. Afterwards, Cody Brocious used the PegaSwitch toolkit to execute his code at the user level. This allows the user to start their own programs.

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Although the hacker was able to execute his own code on the console, he did not make it to the kernel level of the Nintendo Switch. Only from this point on, the handheld hybrid can be described as completely cracked. With the appropriate rights, all programs can be started on the console. The hacker Plutoo reported a few weeks ago that he is supposed to be able to execute kernel-level code. However, he did not publish further information about this.

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For Nintendo, the ability to hack the console is a big problem. On older consoles such as the 3DS and WiiU, it was possible to make pirated copies of protected games and install copied software from the Internet. As a result, firmware updates are continually being used to close a variety of vulnerabilities found. Among other things, the user can no longer participate in online games with outdated software versions.


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