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Hacker Runs Windows 10 On Lumia 950

Feb 10, 2018 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Although Microsoft has given up Lumia brand, there is more information on an unlisted Lumia brand mobile phone. Just recently, an unlisted Lumia 950 mobile prototype came out. The phone also supports the Surface Pen.

Lumia 950

In the prototype picture of the model Lumia 950 RX-130, you can see a successfully running Windows 10 ARM64. This prototype is a device Microsoft uses to demonstrate its mobile vision at the 2015 Build Developer Conference.

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In fact, many Lumia phones can run Windows 10 ARM. Last month, Gustave M, succeeded in running the ARM version of Windows 10 on Lumia 830 using Lumia cracker Windows Phone Internals.


This is just a simple attempt, there are still many compatibility issues. A hacker on Twitter, known as Blaze_CW, was also able to successfully install Windows 10 for ARM on Lumia 950. The obsolete mobile device can now give the full desktop experience. This means that old Microsoft Lumia devices can be made useful again. However, it is not known yet is the OS ported on Lumia 950 is usable or not. It has the Windows 10.0.16299.15 for ARM right now.


Some Lumia fans are hoping that when Microsoft launches Windows Core OS, it will give Lumia a new lease of life with a new operating system. Right now we do not know what the future of Windows 10 Mobile would be. There are no updates and developers are also losing interest in it now.


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