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Group Payments feature rolled out for Facebook Messengers

Apr 13, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

It seems there is no end to the new features being added to Facebook Messenger. From Messenger day to location sharing and to the inclusion of Chatbot M the messenger is full of new updates rolling in every other day. Now something new and exciting has been added to the Facebook messenger, that will be a great help to other people. Although like Messenger day, this feature is also not original but a rip off of a similar app by the name Splitwise. Group payments are now allowed on Facebook Messenger.

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Group Payments feature rolled out for Facebook Messenger

Earlier the Messenger only allowed the payment to take place between two people while chatting but that caused problems when there was a group of friends in a chat and all of them wanted to have a share in the payment. The payment method is quite simple. When you are in the group chat window, click on the plus sign in the bottom left corner of the screen. From the options that will pop up click payments. Your friends list with pop up with the names of friends who are in the chat, with check boxes against each friend’s name and the messenger will ask you which friends do you want to request the payment from. Once you have selected the friends (there is also the option to select everyone.) you have to enter the amount that has to be requested. You must enter the full amount and the Messenger will itself split it into equal parts to calculate the shares for everyone.

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Here is a video demonstrating the complete process in detail.


This is a great way to make group payments because it was a very tedious process to collect money from everyone and keep a track of who has made the payment and who has not. It also sometimes resulted in disputes and arguments. Last week Microsoft launched the Who’s In App that was aimed at youngsters to make and organize party plans and now with this new Facebook feature it is easy to arrange for the money of the gathering too. These kinds of social apps are a great way to organize meet ups and parties.

You can track the payments too as there will be a message when someone makes a payment so everyone get updates that who has paid and who has not. The facility of payments through Master cards and Visa debit cards is available. Although the feature is on Android devices only, it will soon be launched for iOS devices too.

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Group payments feature was earlier available on the dedicated app Splitwise however with the feature now available in Facebook messenger there are chances that the app will shut down soon.

Are you going to use Facebook Messenger’s group payments soon? Let us know about your experience or any other feature that you would like to see on the Messenger.

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