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Google VR Experiments look promising and amazing

Apr 13, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Virtual reality as well as the augmented reality are the two emerging fields that are expected to take the world by a storm. All the big organizations like Google, Microsoft and Facebook are working on projects related to virtual reality in direct or indirect way. Yesterday Google displayed some of its virtual reality experiments on the Google VR experiments page and boy we are sure impressed by what we saw.

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Google VR Experiments

One of the really cool experiments is the Google’s Speak To Go Experiment. Here you just need to give the input via your voice to the application. When you will call out the name of any location in the world and it will pop up on the page. There are arrows on the location that will further take you to other parts of the landscape. You can check out the demo of the app on your desktop right now but to get the real experience you have to get the VR head set and chrome. With both these devices, you can easily reach any destination that you want and roam about exploring different features. Without the headset it is sort of Google maps with voice input. Here is a video demonstration of the Speak to go App.

This is not it there are a number of other cool Google VR Experiments available for sneak peak. There are cute VR games like Spot the Bot and Mr. Nom Nom. Also there is a Virtual reality ping pong game that you can either play with someone else or with the wall. Finding Love also seems to be a promising VR experiment that claims to explore different emotion and feeling through the world of virtual reality.

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Did you check out the Google Virtual Reality Experiments? Which ones excited you the most? Share with us your views by commenting below.

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