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Google Thinks China Will Overtake The US In The Field Of Artificial Intelligence

Nov 26, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Washington has to invest more in the development of artificial intelligence technology, including military, said Eric Schmidt, president of Alphabet, of which Google is a part, warning that there is a risk that the US will be overtaken by China in this area.

Artificial Intelligence

Eric Schmidt, who is also chair of the Pentagon Consultative Advisory Council, has urged the US military to step up efforts to adopt new technologies. A few years ago, he became president of the Defense Department’s Innovation Council, a structure outside the institution, and the idea was to convince the military to accelerate the adoption of technologies that are outside the military sphere.

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He had formulated a series of recommendations that are public about the type of innovations, the problems in the army (…) One of the most important aspects he has pointed out is that the US military is not ranked first in terms of intelligence and he recommends, for example, the establishment of a research institute in the field of artificial intelligence. He said this in a speech at the Summit on Artificial Intelligence and Global Security.

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Eric Schmidt pointed out that artificial technology can be used efficiently at both commercial and military levels. In the US military, it would substantially contribute to simple tasks, such as monitoring activities, he said, noting that computer software is more effective in observation than people. President Alphabet criticized the bureaucratic procedures in the US military, which hinders the rapid adoption of new technologies.

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The army does not build the only thing, it uses private companies. The army did not ask the companies with which it has contracts with artificial intelligence systems, so the procedure of purchasing such systems lasts 5, 10, 20, 30 years. So the key issue is how do you make the leaders who want these technologies to get quick solutions, Schmidt explained.

President Alphabet warns that the US risks being overtaken by China in the field of artificial intelligence. One month ago, China announced its strategy in the field of artificial intelligence, and he read it, and it is very simple: by 2020, they will recover the gap with us, by 2025 they will be better than America is, and starting in 2030 will dominate the artificial intelligence industry.

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Just stop for a second and analyze it! The government of China has announced this. In America, they are dealing with the dominance in the field of artificial intelligence, they are the ones who invented this, they are the ones who want to use all the advantages of this technology for the American exceptionality, for their arrogant prospects.

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But, he said, the Chinese are really good in this area. And will use these technologies both for commercial purposes and for military purposes, with all possible implications. The idea is that we know what plans they have, they have announced the strategy. So we have to be crazy to treat them as second-class citizens, said Eric Schmidt.

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President Alphabet pointed out that “Asians, mainly Chinese”, usually win computerized programming competitions organized by Google. Therefore, if you have any bias or any concern that their system, as China’s education will not produce the people you say, you will cheat, Eric Schmidt warned.

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China has a colossal plan to secure its domination in artificial intelligence. The US does not have a national strategy in this area. And if we determine that these things are important and I and you think we are, then we have to act together as a nation,”Alphabet President insisted, emphasizing the need for institutions to collaborate governmental agencies with private companies.

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It is necessary to pay special attention to investment in research, the US is at the top of this chapter, we have every reason to continue this, it is important and how we differentiate ourselves from others globally.  The US is the first, and this is happening for many reasons, including cultural and other. I will give you an example: immigration. Surprisingly, some of the most skilled people are in countries that have travel bans in the US. Because of this, they probably will develop artificial technologies in other areas, rather than in the US. I will give you a concrete example: Iran has some of the best IT specialists in the world. I want them here. To be clearer, I want to work with Alphabet and Google. It’s crazy not to let these people come to the US, “Eric Schmidt said.


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